9 Practical ✌️ Tips to Make Your Relationship πŸ’‘ Run Smoothly πŸ’– ...


If you have ever been in a relationship before, then you know that they take a lot of hard work and commitment. Sure, falling in love is easy, but making sure that that love stays healthy is a whole other ball game. It takes more than just having a natural affection for one another to ensure that a partnership succeeds. It’s all about putting in that work to make sure that you are both as happy and content as possible. Here are nine practical tips to make your relationship run smoothly.

1. Maintain Sense of Self

It puts too much pressure on a relationship if you both morph into one being, only being able to exist as part of your couple. It is important that you maintain a strong sense of self so that not everything you do depends on the other person. It’s not fair on either of you to be so dependent.

Don’t Avoid Conflict