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Relationship Advice 9 Tips for Being in a Same-Sex Relationship ...

By Heather

Relationship Advice is something that every relationship can use, same-sex or not. Below, I’m going to explore some of the tips and tricks for being in a same-sex relationship and how similar it is being in a hetero relationship. Relationship advice isn’t always easy to take or follow, but relationship advice is important for any type of relationship. So ladies, take a trip below on the top 9 tips for being in a same sex relationship!

1 Always Communicate

Even though you are the same gender, communication is still key. You constantly want to communicate with your partner; you want them to know what you’re thinking. As with a hetero relationship, communication should always be a priority and it is definitely one of the top relationship advice tips that anyone in a relationship should follow!

2 Always Listen

While communication is important, listening is second. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a fight or if you are just having a discussion, you constantly want to be listening to your partner. This is one relationship advice tip that I even have a hard time following!


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3 Respect the Lack of Gender Stereotypes

When you’re in a same sex relationship, you typically face a lot more controversy and a lot more stereotyping than if you were in a straight relationship, but you always want to have respect. Just know that you’re both in the same boat and respect each other for it. The biggest relationship advice tip that I can give you if you’re in a same sex relationship is constantly respect each other and lean on one another, you’ll need it.

4 Be Supportive

That leads right into my next tip, be supportive of one another. As in any relationship, straight or not, you want to support your partner through everything. Whether your partner is considering a new career or having family issues, make sure that you show your support. Straight or not, this is one of the relationship advice tips that everyone should follow!

5 Have Patience

Patience is huge in any relationship, but in same sex relationships it is even bigger. It takes time to realize who you are attracted to and it takes time to come out to your family. If you’re in a same sex relationship, patience is going to be the key to success.

6 Take It to the Next Level

Although there is a lot of controversy about same sex marriage, if you’re in a same sex relationship, just like a hetero relationship, you do want to take it to the next level, legal or not. Having a ceremony and committing to one another is an important step to take in any relationship. It will just prove how strong your bonds are!

7 Don't Expect Too Much

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that are in a lot of same sex relationships: your partner is the same gender, so they can read your mind. That is simply not true! As with any relationship, you should be communicating so that you know that you’re on the same page, not just assuming that you’re on the same page. The moral of the story? Don’t expect your partner to read your mind.

8 Know What You Want

When you’re entering any relationship, you should know what you want out of the relationship. It’s the same for a same sex relationship. Whether you’re looking to have just a fling or you’re looking to have a long term relationship, just make sure that your partner is on the same page!

9 Respect Your Differences

Finally, just because you’re the same gender, doesn’t mean that you’ll be the same person. Everyone in the world is unique and different and you have to respect that. Respecting all of your differences and finding the good in them is the best practice and absolutely a relationship tip that everyone should follow!

So ladies, as you can see same sex relationships have the same problems and need to follow the same relationship advice tips as any relationship! This is just my top relationship advice tips that everyone in a relationship should follow, what about you ladies, do you have any tips to share? Do you have any advice that would work for someone who is in a same sex relationship? Share your opinion!

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