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7 Romantic Ideas You Can Suggest to the Man in Your Life ...

By Neecey

Romance doesn’t have to be smushy. It doesn’t have to be roses and candlelight suppers. Romance can be fun and flirty too. It can also be a bit quirky and a bit wacky. If you want to up the fun factor and still be romantic, here are some things to try.

1 Star Gazing

On a perfect night when it is not too cold, when it is a clear night and when the bugs are not going crazy, a night of stargazing can be amazing and perfect. Maybe the trick to it is timing, but when the conditions are perfect, then a few hours of stargazing with the one you love can be fantastic and romantic at the same time.

2 Strawberries and Champagne by the Pond at Midday

At midday as the sun is kicking down its harshest rays, take a stroll out to a local pond, in a good neighborhood. Take a bottle of champagne and some strawberries. The rest is up to you.

3 Give Him the Wishbone to the Chicken You Are Eating

Maybe this is a bit cheesy but sometimes cheese is tasty. The main reason is that it is far more powerful if you do it yourself to him. Take the wishbone from the free-range chicken you ate together (free-range because you have a soul and don’t eat things that have been kept in a shoebox all its short life). Give him the wishbone and tell him that you don’t need it because all your wishes came true when you met him.

4 Have Him Blindfold You with a Silk Tie and Play Kiss or Nibble

Tell him to blindfold you. A silk tie works well. Make sure you cannot see and have him lay you on the bed in the raw. Have him run his lips slowly on your skin, moving around your naked body. He has to kiss when you say and nibble when you say. If you want a bit of extra control, you can tell him what direction to go towards. That way you can direct him to the sweet spot if you are looking for a happy ending.

5 The Angry but Happy Phone Call or SMS Text

This may not be the most romantic thing in the world, but it is fun, and a romantic relationship should be fun. It is especially fun, albeit risky, to play at the beginning of a relationship when you are both still flirting a lot. Send him an angry text with something vague such as, “I can’t believe you did that, I just can’t believe you took it!!!!” He will reply very confused, and when he asks what he took, you say, “My breath away.”

You can try a similar trick by calling him and pretending to be angry. Spend around five to ten seconds faking being angry, and lead up to, “You know, I just have one thing to tell you.” Pause a second or two, and he may say what, to which you reply, “I love you.”

Warning - Some women have tried this and pretended to be angry and the guy has replied or answered saying, “Please, she meant nothing to me,” or things of that ilk. Just thought you should be warned.

6 Play “Cuddle My Butt” in Public

The rules to cuddle my butt are simple, but not for people with bad knees. The trick is to ambush the other person every now and again when they are least expecting it. You have to sneak up behind the person, carefully drop to your knees, and wrap your arms around them and cuddle their butt. It is fun and sweet when you are alone but scary and romantically embarrassing when out in public. You can even make it funny if you let out a woeful, “Pleeeeaze don’t leave me!” as you hug his butt. This is not something you should suggest or try on a first date.

7 Make a Photo Album Together and Add to It over Time

This is romantic if you both play a part. It is a little bunny-boiler-ish if you do it alone, especially if you have just met. Leave blank space so you can add to it over time. If you both keep it up, then it starts with your younger selves at the top and works its way down as you both age and get older. Just make sure you back up the digital copy or else your work will be lost forever.

Try some of these things and the spark won’t go out of your relationship. Will you try or do you prefer more traditional relationship pursuits?

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