How to Win Fights with Your SO ...

By Katt

Looking for tips on how to win fights with your SO? The goals here are to use logic and throw him off. Some of these might seem meh but keep reading and tailor make your own arguing style. But for the love of all potato kind, be civil! Here's how to win fights with your SO.

Table of contents:

  1. wear an aphrodisiac scent
  2. pros and cons
  3. coherence
  4. no sidetracking
  5. him time
  6. bake
  7. makeover for the day
  8. record the proceedings
  9. warm up immediately

1 Wear an Aphrodisiac Scent

The scent you wear is one of the best tips for how to win fights with your SO. Wear one he's not used to and pick one that has calming tones.

2 Pros and Cons

Think of the pros and cons of every argument you make as well as it's likely outcome. Try to explain the likely outcome of every choice. Get pen and paper and make keywords.

3 Coherence

Let all arguments follow each other logically. As a tactic, I release a severe point then a meager one and so on and so forth. Kind of throws my bf off as to how many really good points I have. Every time he thinks I’m running out, bam. 😂

4 No Sidetracking

No mentioning how you've been right in the past because this leads to opening defenses. Sure you can bring up past outcomes to situations, but use 'we’ when you do. Do not place blame, unless the clear blame is yours. In that case, own up to it. Do not get emotional. These are negotiations everyone is trying to win.

5 Him Time

If you're dealing with a male, pause between points. Chances are, he'll be processing what you've just said and will not hear your next words. Also making important, then unimportant points interchangeably is a good idea.

6 Bake

Now, nobody's comparing your SO to a cartoon bear, but baked goodies are good for throwing people off and giving them an 'I made you a treat. See, I'm still your loving bae.’ feeling.

7 Makeover for the Day

Do a little something extra you never have time for. I suggest a smoky eye or fake eyelashes. Something that will draw attention to your eyes. Put your hair in a messy bun and wear a girly sweater that will grab his attention.

8 Record the Proceedings

It is helpful to have audio of how the final decision was made as a reminder that it was a fair and cordial decision making progress. Also, so that you can hone your skills.

9 Warm up Immediately

No matter the outcome of the argument, it is important that you are warm toward your SO afterward. Things must immediately switch back to normal, but on the warm side of normal.

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