10 Interesting Questions to Ask on a First Date ...


10 Interesting Questions to Ask on a First Date ...
10 Interesting Questions to Ask on a First Date ...

Having some interesting questions to ask on a first date is important for its success. The dating scene these days can be rough. It really is a toss of the coin if a date with someone new will go well or end horribly. First dates are most definitely awkward, and can tend to make us feel like we may come off in a way that isn’t true to ourselves. One of the trickiest parts of first dates (especially if it is with someone you barely know or just met) is asking questions. So many times, these questions are generic and incredibly basic (not to mention that they could easily not even reveal some of your date’s personality). Instead of asking interview-like questions on a first date, try one of these below (or all of them!). Some will help dig deeper into who your date really is and will for sure show off your unique personality to your date! If you try some of these interesting questions to ask on a first date, you should learn a whole lot about the person sitting across from you.

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If You Could Have Any Job in the World, What Would It Be?

Even if they love their job, this will get your date talking about something that they are really passionate about.


What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?

This one works better if the date is close to a holiday, but even so, it could get your date talking about their childhood or other good holiday memories they have had in the past.


Which Family Member Are You Most Similar to?

This question works better if you know some of their family, especially if they say they’re a lot like their cousin who you happen to know is a bit of a jerk.


If You Could Plan a Movie Binge-fest, What Movies Would You Have to Include in It?

This could be useful information if the date goes well, and also helps you know what kind of films your date is into. Are they only into action or ‘bro’ films, or do they mix it up some?


What’s Your Favorite Cheesy Pick-up Line?

First off, this will give your date a chance to use it on you. And second, depending on how cheesy it is, it could lead the both of you to a good laugh. As a follow-up question, you could ask if they’ve ever actually used it on anyone and how it went.


What is One Thing That Truly Brightens Your Day?

This question could give you an insight into things that make your date happy. If the date goes well, this could be great to know if it blossoms into a relationship.


What’s One Thing You’d Never Want Your Mother to Know about You?

While straightforward, but in a sneaky way, this could lead to your date opening up about a secret about them, be it something amusing or embarrassing.


If Money and Time Weren’t an Issue, What Hobby Would You Want to Pursue?

This question lets your date talk about something that they find to be really interesting; hopefully, it’s not something you find boring!


Which Animal do You Think is the Cutest, and Which is the Ugliest?

Really this is just a fun question.


After a Long Day, How do You like to Unwind?

Everyone has a rough day, and we should all have our own ways to chill. This question will shed some light on if your date’s methods for calming down after a long day are compatible with yours.

What fun questions have you asked on a first date before? Let us know in the comments!

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