11 Seemingly Innocent but Dangerous Crushes That Could Cause Trouble ...


11 Seemingly Innocent but Dangerous Crushes That Could Cause Trouble ...
11 Seemingly Innocent but Dangerous Crushes That Could Cause Trouble ...

There’s nothing wrong with finding someone attractive, but some dangerous crushes can stem from innocent thoughts. Liking someone that you shouldn't date can cause you future pain. It can also have consequences that will hurt your crush or those around him. So beware of taking these dangerous crushes too far.

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Hot for Teacher

This is one of the dangerous crushes for many reasons. You see him every day and might spend alone time with him after class, but remember to keep it professional. Never try to make a move on a teacher while you’re in class—especially while you’re still in high school. This is one of the dangerous crushes that could end in unemployment. If you really like him, you don’t want to get him fired. If you just find him cute, there’s nothing to stop you from daydreaming about him. Just don’t expect your fantasies to happen in real life.


Hot for Teacher crushes can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember to keep any interaction with a teacher professional and never to make a move on them while still in high school. This could result in the teacher being fired, so if the student really likes them, they should be careful. Daydreaming is harmless, but it is important to remember that fantasies are not always realistic. Beyond the potential career implications, students should be aware of the power imbalance between them and their teacher, and be careful not to let their feelings interfere with their studies.


Ex’s Sexy Sibling

When you date someone, you meet a whole new group of people. There are his friends, family members, and neighbors. You might get along with one of the boys you meet and be tempted to hook up with him once you break up with your original guy. But you should keep away for your ex’s sake. You don’t want to ruin his relationship with his brother or friends that feel like brothers.


Cute Coworkers

When you see someone on a daily basis, it’s easy to become close. Of course, if you start dating, you might feel like you’re seeing him too much. If your crush is your boss, it makes the situation all the more complicated. You don’t want him to get fired. The workplace can be a great place to meet a guy, but you have to be cautious of work policies that prohibit you from dating coworkers.


Family Fun

The hot third cousin you see every Christmas might look tempting, but don’t take your crush too far. If anything happens between you two, the whole family could end up gossiping. And when you see him with a new girl on New Year’s Eve, you’re bound to be upset. Depending on your relationship with him, hooking up might even be illegal. So be weary of keeping it in the family.


Friend’s Current or past Boyfriend

If you want to keep your friend, stay away from anyone that she’s put her lips on. In special cases, you’ll be able to work something out and your friend will understand. But if she’s the jealous type, don’t risk your friendship. You don’t want to lose her over a guy you’ll only be with for a few weeks. If you think he’s the real deal, then try to make your friend understand your feelings. Just don’t make any moves until you tell her where you stand.


Married Manwhore

If he has a ring, stay away. How would you feel if your man cheated on you? Don’t take part in infidelity, even if you’re not the one cheating. If he really wants to be with you, then wait for him to fill out the divorce papers. If he’s not willing to separate from her, then you shouldn’t be willing to settle for him. If he’ll cheat on his wife, why would he treat you any better?



If the guy you’re crushing on hits on every girl in sight, you should be careful. It’s alright to find him attractive or want a fling with him, but if you want something more than that, prepare to be disappointed. Some guys want to play the field and refuse to stick to one girl, no matter how great she is. If you like a player, don’t get your hopes too high. He might end up falling for you, but there’s a greater chance that you’ll just be another conquest to add to his list.


You're Married

It's not just wrong if your crush is married, but you have to be careful if you're married. Of course little crushes are normal for people sometimes, but you have to be careful. If you find yourself drifting into fantasies about your crush regularly then there might be a problem. If you ever even consider doing something about your crush, there's a problem too. So just be careful because this can easily turn into a dangerous crush.


Too Young for You

I'm not talking about a year or two, I'm talking about so young that it's a problem. If you're 23 and your crush hasn't even turned 18 yet, then you should probably walk away from the situation. This also works in reverse, if you're under 18 and you're crushing on someone too old for you than you need to get out of the situation. This could be problematic with your family, your crushes family, or even the law.


Having a crush on someone too young or too old can create a lot of problems. If the age gap is too large, it can be viewed as predatory or even illegal in some cases. It could also lead to judgment and criticism from both families, as well as social ostracization. In some countries, laws exist to protect minors from adults in romantic relationships, so it's important to be aware of the laws in your area. Additionally, the age gap could cause issues with maturity levels, communication, and expectations. It's important to be aware of the potential consequences before entering into a romantic relationship with someone who is too young or too old.


A Family Member's Significant Other

Sure we covered the bases when it comes to a friend's significant other, but what about family? If you find yourself crushing on the significant other of someone in your family, whether you're close to them or not - it's wrong! Just think of all of the bad things that can happen if your crush was revealed or even worse, you acted on it! You could lose a lot of members of your family because of your betrayal. Just remember that family comes before any cutie you see.


Your Significant Other's Family Member

Whether your significant other has a really cute brother, sister, or cousin you need to stay away. If your crush ever became an action of any sort, you'll not only lose your significant other, but likely your crush too. Your crush won't stick around after you likely get that person in trouble with his/her family. It's not like they're going to be easily forgiven after something like that happens.

Be careful when you find yourself crushing on someone that could cause issues. Have you ever liked someone that you knew you should stay away from? How did you handle your feelings?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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Personal trainer should be added to this list haha

I was only fourteen and I wanted a TWENTY FIVE YEAR OLD. Not to mention I was so obvious about it too:o

My husband was a player... Thankfully when we met he settled down bc he felt the time was right. All of his family were relieved that he got out of his old bad habits. Next month will be our 7 year wedding anniversary. I'm sure glad I gave him a chance. He's one in a million.

#1 My 8th grade history teacher .... Had the biggest crush on her lol

i have the biggest crush on my teacher im 18 & he is in his mid 20's early 20's ... i so have the hots for him & i know he has hots for me he flirts and its so obvious. he stares into my eyes and j cant help but smile!! hes beautiful <3 hellllppppp?

Oh, the hot teacher :(

You forgot one! Current boy friend's hot friend :p

haha love the term "manwhore" used here. that describes any guy who cheats *ahem*my ex*ahem*

Sigh sadly I got for the players

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