11 Seemingly Innocent but Dangerous Crushes That Could Cause Trouble ...


There’s nothing wrong with finding someone attractive, but some dangerous crushes can stem from innocent thoughts. Liking someone that you shouldn't date can cause you future pain. It can also have consequences that will hurt your crush or those around him. So beware of taking these dangerous crushes too far.

1. Hot for Teacher

This is one of the dangerous crushes for many reasons. You see him every day and might spend alone time with him after class, but remember to keep it professional. Never try to make a move on a teacher while you’re in class—especially while you’re still in high school. This is one of the dangerous crushes that could end in unemployment. If you really like him, you don’t want to get him fired. If you just find him cute, there’s nothing to stop you from daydreaming about him. Just don’t expect your fantasies to happen in real life.

Ex’s Sexy Sibling


I think you need to be wary of boning third cousins. If you are weary of it, you've probably already tapped the family reunion dry and the relatives are already gossiping.
Interesting and very true!
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Agreed absolutely to point 6 of the article;)!
Інна Коритан
Sigh sadly I got for the players
Omg this is gross lol family fun wut
@briannajaney My ex was a player personal trainer. I didn't have luck like @Sandra G did. Congrats to your anniversary. It's always nice to hear happy stories 😃
Personal trainer should be added to this list haha
@Maxamillion he obviously threw something special away 😉love your horse by the way , i ride too !
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