13 Signs Your Crush Sees You as Just a Friend ...


13 Signs Your Crush Sees You as Just a Friend ...
13 Signs Your Crush Sees You as Just a Friend ...

Picking up on the signs he sees you as just a friend is hard! After all, if you have a crush, why would you want to believe that he just likes you as a friend? Don't worry, ladies. If you're constantly looking for signs he sees you as just a friend, I've got the top 13 ways to tell!

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He Calls You Buddy

Of course, if a guy has a crush on you, he might have a ton of nicknames for you, but if he constantly is calling you a buddy or a friend and nothing more, that is one of the signs he sees you as just a friend. If he has a special nickname for you though, it could mean that he likes you as more than a friend!


This text is discussing the signs that your crush may not be interested in you romantically. It suggests that if your crush calls you a “buddy” or “friend”, this may be a sign that they are not interested in you in a romantic way. Other signs of disinterest may include avoiding physical contact, not making plans to hang out, and not being complimentary. It is important to pay attention to these signs, as they may indicate that your crush is not interested in you in a romantic way.


You Always Initiate Everything

Do you find that you always have to initiate everything with your BFF? Do you have to constantly call him, touch him and flirt with him? This is absolutely one of the signs he sees you as just a friend. If you have to be the one that is reaching out, watch out, ladies!


This behavior may indicate that your crush is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. It could also mean that they see you more as a friend and are not looking for anything more. Additionally, if you find yourself always initiating plans and conversations, it could be a sign that your crush is not putting in the effort to maintain a closer relationship with you. This could be because they are not interested or simply do not see you in a romantic light. Pay attention to how your crush responds to your attempts at communication and initiating plans to get a better understanding of their feelings towards you.

Frequently asked questions

These terms can suggest that your crush sees you as a friend. They're casual and often used for friends, not someone they're romantically interested in.

Not using your name doesn't always mean something bad. Some people don't use names often in conversation. However, if they never use your name but they do use others', it might be a sign they see you more as a friend.

When a crush calls you 'miss' or 'ms,' it could be a respectful way to speak to you, but it can also create a bit of distance as it's not very personal. It's a polite term and not necessarily one that hints at romance.

Yes, it is possible. They might call you a 'friend' for now because they are not ready to express their feelings or are uncertain about how you feel about them.

Flirting could indicate some level of attraction, but calling you 'buddy' might mean they're comfortable with you in a friendly way. It's important to look for other signs to understand their true feelings.


You Never Get Alone with Him

Is there always a third or fourth wheel around when your crush is around? Does he want a group of your friends around instead of just the two of you, every time you hang out? It could be one of the top signs he sees you as just a friend.


Perhaps he feels more at ease with the buffer of additional people around, or maybe he's subconsciously steering clear of creating a romantic atmosphere. Having buddies present ensures that the hangout has a casual vibe. And if he's the one always initiating those group activities, it's even more telling. It’s like he’s laying down boundaries without having to explicitly address them. By vigilantly avoiding solitary moments, he's communicating, albeit silently, that he's not looking to explore deeper emotional connections with you.


He Sets You up with Other Men

One red flag that you should watch out for is if your BFF is setting you up with other guys. Does he want to pawn you off on his friends or even with complete strangers? It's a sign, ladies! Watch out for it!


This sort of behavior might be his subtle way of telling you that, in his eyes, you're firmly planted in the friend zone. Sure, he could simply be playing matchmaker, but more often than not, unless he's actively trying to pair up mutual friends, it could be his indirect approach to let you know that he doesn't see a romantic future with you. Analyze the situation and trust your gut—your heart will thank you for it later!


Constantly Talks about Girls He Likes

Guys typically talk about girls that they like to their friends, so if he is bringing up one or two girls that he has a crush on, it's a sign he sees you as just a friend. After all, don't you talk about your crush with your best girlfriends?


However, this shouldn't necessarily be a deal-breaker in your hopes for more. Men often use this tactic as a safe way to gauge your reactions or possibly make you a bit jealous. If you notice the conversation always circles back to you afterward, he might be testing the waters to see if you exhibit any signs of interest in return. But if these chats about other women become a mainstay without any hints of such tactics, chances are he sincerely views you as a trusted confidante, nothing more.


He Lets You Sleep over, Just to Sleep

So your guy friend lets you sleep over, right? Does he just let you sleep? That's the key, ladies. If he doesn't try to make a move on you, it's definitely one of the signs he sees you as just a friend.


It can be confusing to determine if your crush sees you as just a friend or more. While some signs are obvious, others aren't so easy to decipher. One of the signs your crush sees you as just a friend is if he lets you sleep over, but only to sleep. If he doesn't make any moves on you, it's a good indication that he sees you in a platonic way.

However, it's important to remember that just because he doesn't make a move doesn't mean he's not interested. He could be waiting for you to make the first move, or he could be too shy to make a move. It's important to pay attention to other signs to determine if he's interested.

Other signs that your crush sees you as just a friend include: he talks to you about other women, he doesn't try to make plans with you, he doesn't compliment you, he doesn't ask you personal questions, he doesn't remember details about you, and he doesn't try to touch you.


He Never Lets Anything Happen

If he lets you sleep over and doesn't try anything, does he try anything while you're awake? If he doesn't even try to make a single move, it's absolutely one of the signs he sees you as just a friend. After all, wouldn't you want to kiss your crush if you could?


He Never Gets Jealous

Jealousy isn't normally something you should look for in someone. But, if your crush hears you talk about other guys or even hang out with them and doesn't even bat an eye, there's a pretty good chance he only sees you as a friend.


Jealousy is a common emotion, and it is natural to feel a little jealous when your crush talks about or hangs out with someone else. However, if your crush does not get jealous when you talk about other guys or spend time with them, it could be a sign that he only sees you as a friend.

It is important to note that just because your crush is not jealous, it does not mean that he does not have feelings for you. It could simply mean that he is not comfortable expressing his emotions or is not sure how to express them. It could also mean that he is not ready to act on his feelings yet.

There are other signs that your crush may see you as only a friend. He may not make any physical contact with you, even if it is something as simple as a hug. He may also not be interested in talking to you about his personal life or sharing his thoughts and feelings with you.

If you want to know how your crush really feels about you, it is best to talk to him directly. Ask him if he is interested in more than just being friends. If he is not interested, it is important to respect his decision and not pressure him into a relationship.


He Takes Forever to Respond

Most people keep their phones close by and respond to texts, phone calls and emails within a reasonable amount of time. If your crush takes days to answer a simple text or you have a hard time getting him to call you back, his attention is probably elsewhere.


Communication is key in any budding relationship, and if he's making you wait for his responses consistently, it may be a subtle hint that he doesn't prioritize you. Sure, everyone has busy days or moments when they can’t get to their phone, but if this is his normal behavior, it suggests your connection might be lacking the spark needed to ignite a deeper interest. Remember, someone who truly cares will make time, no matter how hectic their schedule is. If he’s not quick to reply, he might be comfortable keeping things in the friend zone.


He Doesn't Try to Get to Know You Better

When you have a crush on someone, it's normal to want to know things about that person. If your crush doesn't ask you many questions about yourself aside from the on-the-surface stuff, he might not be interested.


Someone genuinely intrigued by you typically digs deeper, desiring to understand your hopes, dreams, and quirky habits. But if he's content with shallow chit-chat and doesn't engage in meaningful conversations, it's a glaring sign that he might not see you romantically. Real interest sparks a yearning to explore the nuances of your personality, to weave through the layers of your life's story. Without that curiosity, it's possible you're just a comfortable companion, and not the focus of his affectionate pursuit.


He Talks to You Casually

Does he treat you like one of the guys? Is there no difference between how he interacts with you and all of his other friends? That might be because that's exactly how he sees you! If you liked someone, you would talk to them differently and probably make an effort to make you feel special.


When a guy has a crush on someone, he'll often be careful with his words, choosing compliments and phrases to signal his interest. However, if your conversations are peppered with friendly banter and he never misses a chance to tease you playfully, just like he does with his buddies, it's a strong indicator that he sees you in a platonic light. Pay attention to the subtleties of his language; the absence of flirtatious undertones might be the clue you need to understand his feelings towards you.


He's Always Busy

We all get busy with our lives sometimes, but we always make time for the important people in our lives. Do you frequently ask your crush to hang out with you, but he always asks for a rain check? He might not think much of it since he sees you as a friend.


If your crush is constantly swamped, yet seems to carve out moments for others, it may be a subtle hint. Sure, work and personal commitments take precedence, but when it comes to someone he's interested in, he'd shift mountains to make time. Think about it – if every invite you send results in "I'm sorry, I'm tied up," take a step back and observe. Is he genuinely overbooked, or does he have a selective schedule? This pattern might be his way of setting boundaries without having the awkward conversation that he sees you purely platonically.


Your Gut Tells You to Move on

We can't help who we fall for, but we don't have spend our time crushing over someone who isn't into us! If your gut is telling you that this guy might not be into you and is telling you to move on, it might be a good idea to listen!

There you have it, ladies: all of the signs he sees you as just a friend. Do you have a crush on your best guy friend? Do you think that he likes you back but exhibits some of these signs? Take it as a cue, ladies; he might just see you as a friend and that's all! But don't worry, even if he sees you as just a friend. There will be others who see much more in you!

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Also she tells me that she doesn't like him. But he might like her??? My friend doesn't think he likes her though! I am also starting to be hesitant around my friend since I want to try and see if my crush looks at me anymore

Ok, I am now confussed, my friend shows signs that he likes me more than a friend like he will walk by and tap my rear with his hand and wait for me to turn around and he will smile. He says I am cute when we are playing basketball, but when it comes time to watch a movie it seems as though he wants to be left alone. What should I do now? I really like him a lot and think I am falling in love with him. He says that love is just a fairy tale.

@adriana I think he might have a crush on uou

hey , great post, just mentioned on twitter. Can you please help me out , i`m kinda in an awkward situation right now :(

hes doing none of this but im RECENTLY starting/ initiating everything- making the first moves. but thats only because hes not starting our chats or anything these days. and even when i start it, he ignores me. its been almost a month now.. what do i do?? maybe hes just too busy or sth.. but im still worried. help?

I've been try to get over my crush on my guy friend for the whole summer. I used to think that he liked me because he would say hi to me all the time and put his arm Around me when we were talkin. But now I think he wants to be just friends. What should I do?

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