10 Signs Your Crush and You Are Headed for a Relationship ...

If only there was a degree in reading various signs that come with matters of the heart? How do you know that your little thing with your crush is heading in the direction of a relationship? Guest contributor Charleyann dissects it for you. Thanks Charleyann!

So you've been sort of "having a thing" with this guy for the past couple of weeks and your questioning whether or not it's actually gonna last... don't worry ladies we've all been there. Go ahead and read the following signs!

1. Constantly Hangs around You

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Think about it this way: If you didn't like a guy or think he’s cool in SOME way you wouldn't waste your time hanging around him. So if he's constantly around you, constantly finding excuses to talk to you, chances are he wants to be more than just friends.

2. Compliments You

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Is he constantly telling you you’re beautiful? Complimenting your clothes or body or style? Then get the hint… he likes you! But be careful because if he’s just calling you Β«hotΒ» or Β«sexyΒ» I would watch his actions closely because he could just be trying to get some.

3. Is Always Asking Questions about You

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If he’s interested then he’ll want to know more about you, like where you come from, what your family is like, if you have pets, even seemingly mundane things like your favorite color.

4. Want to Know the Good Secrets

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We all have bad secrets, the ones that we will never tell anyone except for maybe our pet and secret diary. And then of course we all have our good but still guilty secrets. I’m talking about the ones that make you seem sexy and mysterious but not completely insane because ones that make you appear too crazy fall under a whole different category: Β«We shall never speak of that again.Β»

5. Touchy-feely

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Picture it: You’re standing in line wherever your little hear desires and suddenly he massages your shoulders, or laces your fingers together and rubs your back. Interested? I think yes! When you’re just jokingly bumping into each other or grazing fingertips I would take it as a sure fire sign that he’s into you.

6. Makes Friends with Your Friends

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Trust me; any guy that is putting up with your chatty friends and seems happy to be doing so is definitely there for the long haul. Would you spend time with his all-sports-nothing-else friends if it wasn't for? Don’t kid yourself, he’s friends with them to impress you.

7. Asks You What You Look for in a Guy

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Duh! Obviously he’s gonna wanna know what you think the perfect guy should act or look like; because he wants to be that guy! Be sure that when answering this question, you don’t overdo it, and stick to the basics... perfectly chiseled body and excellent sense of humor (;

8. Considers You a Priority

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How will you know? He’ll be sure to drop subtle hints or if you’re dealing with a very blunt guy he may just come out and say it! But for those of you who are dealing with shy and reserved hotties then watch for the signs: skips night out with friends to have a night in with you, sits with you at lunch/gets lunch with you, etc.

9. Offers to Pay

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This applies only to those who actually hang out with their crush. Okay so you’re at the movie theatre or bowling or ice/roller skating and he pays for you… even if you don’t let him it’s the offer that counts. This shows that he wants to be a gentleman and play it old-fashioned. But no worries ladies, if he doesn’t pay it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not into you but that he just can’t afford it- we all go through our rough patches!

10. Looks at You… and ONLY You

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The #1 or in this case… #10 way to know if he’s truly there for you is to watch how and if he looks at other girls. Does he have wandering eyes? Does he check out other women as they walk by or are his eyes always on you? If he wants to commit in more than just a Β«we have a thingΒ» way then he’ll show you it too. Trust me girls, the eyes ARE the window to your soul!

So does your crush do these things? Are the signs uber clear or barely there? You decide! Good luck girlies and I wish you the best with your cuties!(:

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