You'll Be Happier πŸ˜€ if You Break ❌ These Relationship πŸ’ Rules ...

Falling in love is easy but making your relationship work requires a lot of patience, time and effort on your behalf. Due to al the advances in technology, our lives have changed significantly over the past years and relationships have evolved as well. That’s why even the most trusted and the most infallible relationship rules can now seem obsolete. Some of those rules for a happy relationship are in fact relationship myths that are not even true. Here is why you will be happier if you break these relationship rules:

1. Not Going to Bed Angry

Even though this is a piece of advice that people often give to young couples, it doesn’t mean that you should never break this relationship rule. For example, it’s not always a good idea to stay up and resole all your differences because you might say something that you will later regret. In that situation, getting a good night sleep is a better idea since it will help you clear your mind and you will manage to see things from a different perspective, avoiding a potential conflict between you and your partner.

2. Your Partner Should Be Your Best Friend

A lot of people expect their partner to meet all their needs, to be their best friend, a good lover and a good partner. But, try to avoid having unrealistic expectations and take the pressure off your relationship because one person can’t meet all your needs.

3. Playing Hard to Get

Even though playing hard to get can be fun, it’s not always a good idea since it can damage your relationship in the long term. This includes waiting a certain amount of time before calling or texting your partner or expressing your true feelings. Playing hard to get is in fact unattractive and it’s one of those relationship rules you should break if you want to be happy.

4. Thinking That Love Means Never Having to Say You Are Sorry

Even though if you want to have a happy and successful relationship you should try to avoid conflict or you should learn to fight fair with your partner, you should always say you are sorry when you make a mistake. A well-thought and meaningful relationship can strengthen your relationship and it can bring you closer to your loved one.

5. Believing That Fighting is Healthy

Even though it’s helpful to learn how to fight fair with your partner since you will manage to solve some issues that affect your happiness, fighting is not always healthy in a relationship. Most of the times, it’s unnecessary for couples to argue because this is not the best way to get their problems solved.

6. Once You Are in a Relationship, Your Relationship Should Take Care of Itself

Even though falling in love is easy, building a strong and meaningful relationship does require a lot of work. Experts say that predictability and reliability are the opposites of love and eroticism and sometimes they can hurt a relationship.

7. In Love You Should Not Make Compromises

A successful relationship does require a lot of give and take but try not to keep score in your relationship if your want to be happy. That relationship rule which says that you shouldn’t make compromises when it comes to love it’s a stereotype that could damage your relationship in the long term. Do everything in your power to make your partner happy and be grateful for the wonderful thing that you have.

A relationship does require a lot of time, effort and patience from both partners but you can learn how to have a happy and successful relationship if you avoid those so-called relationship rules that could damage your relationship in the long term. Do you know any other relationship rules that people should break so they can be happier? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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