17 Sex Tips for Girls Who Usually Have Vanilla Sex ...

By Holly

17 Sex Tips  for Girls Who Usually Have Vanilla Sex  ...

Vanilla sex consists of having sex in the same old positions at the same time of night. It's basic stuff, but after a while, it can be pretty boring. So here are a few sex tips for women who usually have vanilla sex, but want to branch out:

1 Try a Toy

You don't have to try anything too crazy. Just buy a simple vibrator, so that you'll be able to experience a new sensation during sex.

2 Shower Together

Instead of having sex in your bed again, you should have sex in your shower. Just be careful, because you don't want to slip.

3 Buy Silk Sheets

This won't be a major change. However, it'll make sex feel a little more intense, because you'll have a silky material against your skin.

4 Have Sex in a New Room of the House

The bedroom isn't the only place where you should be having sex. You should be having sex on the living room couch and on the kitchen counters.

5 Read Erotic Novels

The more you read about sex, the more you'll know about it. An erotic novel might teach you moves that you never would've thought of on your own.

6 Watch Porn Together

You don't have to watch it alone. You can try watching it together to see what turns you on the most.

7 Striptease

Even if you have low confidence, you should feel comfortable enough around your partner to take off your clothes in front of him. If you aren't, then maybe he'll agree to give you a striptease instead.

8 Give Each Other Massages

Ask your partner to strip off all of his clothes so you can rub lotion across his naked body. It's a great form of foreplay.

9 Longer Foreplay

Speaking of foreplay, you should engage in it for a longer amount of time than usual. A few extra minutes can make a major difference.

10 Put on a Blindfold

You don't actually have to buy one. Just use a scarf or a tie.

11 Try New Positions

If you can't think of any new positions, there are plenty of places on the internet where you can look for ideas.

12 Bring Food into Bed

If you don't mind cleaning up your sheets, you can incorporate whipped cream into sex. Just don't get it on your genitals.

13 Buy a Sexy Board Game

There are plenty of adult board games out there. If you can't think up ideas of your own, you can steal the board game's suggestions.

14 Dirty Talk

This isn't as hard as it seems. All you really have to do is tell him what you want him to do to you and what you want to do to him.

15 Have Sex in Front of a Mirror

Stand in front of your bathroom mirror the next time you have sex. It'll be fun to look at yourselves from new angles.

16 Masturbate Together

You don't have to masturbate when you're alone in bed on the nights that he's too busy to hang out. You can do it together for a change.

17 Light Spanking

Don't hurt each other. Just give each other a few light smacks.

If you follow these tips, then your sex life will never be boring again. Do you prefer vanilla sex or exciting sex?

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