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Probing Questions for Couples Who Want to Improve Their Sex Life ...

By Neecey

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you and your partner struggle to communicate openly and candidly about sex. It’s not uncommon. Somehow it’s hard to talk about sex even with someone you are completely and totally intimate with. Have you ever thought about a written exchange? With these questions you can open up without feeling embarrassed and awkward. Write them out and answer away. Expect some surprises in the answers!

1 On a Scale of 1 – 10, How Important Would You Say That Sex is to You at This Current Stage of Your Relationship?

person, kiss, human action, bedtime, romance,

2 Do You Value Non-sexual Touching and Affection as Much as You Value Sexual Contact and Intimacy?

leg, white, black, black and white, close up,


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3 What Does Sex Mean to You? Try to Sum It up in a Few Short Sentences

hair, hairstyle, photograph, black and white, art,

4 How Often Would You like to Make Love in Comparison to How Many Times You Actually do Make Love?

person, mouth, sculpture, Touch, like,

5 How Much Time do You Tend to Spend on Foreplay before Getting to the Actual Act of Sexual Penetration?

person, public speaking, art, singing, speech,

6 What Are Your Favorite Kinds of Non-sexual Touching? Hand Holding? Hugging? Spooning? Back Rubbing?

person, woman, blond, furniture, major appliance,

7 What is Your Favorite Part of Your Current Love Life?

person, woman, blond, finger, romance,

8 What is the One Thing That, Given the Chance, You Would like to Make an Improvement on in the Bedroom Department?

person, savage,

9 What is Your Favorite Intimate Memory of Your Partner? Why Exactly is It Your Favorite?

person, human action, leg, pilates, finger,

10 What Three Things outside of the Bedroom Make You Feel Most Excited about Having Sex? What Turns You on?

person, woman, facial expression, emotion, skin,

11 Do You Have a Specific Sexual Fantasy? Share Your Fantasies with One Another

black and white, hand,

12 What Parts of Your Body do You Most Enjoy Being Touched during Lovemaking?


13 Is There Anything You Have Never Tried Together That You Think Might Be Fun to Try at Least Once?


14 Do You Have Any Specific Worries when You Make Love? if so, What Are They?

hair, person, blond, facial expression, mouth,

15 What Are Your Favorite Ways to Relax and De-stress after a Hard Day at Work?

person, are, gonna, bang.,

16 Do You like to Be Verbal during Lovemaking? Would You like Your Partner to Be More Verbal Too?

person, black and white, human action, finger, emotion,

17 Do You Have a Favorite Sexual Position?

black, person, black and white, photography, photo shoot,

18 Are There Any Sexual Positions That You Would like to Try but Have Not Been Vocal Enough to Bring up?

film, mobile device, Can, man, and,

19 What is the One Thing You Would like to Know about Your Partner That You Have Never Had the Courage to Ask before?

hair, hairstyle, bangs, nose, black hair,

20 Do You Ever Think about Other People, for Example Celebrities, when You Are Making Love?

barechestedness, person, human action, bodybuilder, wrestler,

21 Would You like Your Partner to Wear Any Specific Clothing when You Make Love?

clothing, woman, undergarment, finger, lingerie,

22 Have You Ever Role-played? if Not, Does It Sound like Something That You Would like to Try?

clothing, blond, person, woman, doll,

23 Have You Ever Told Your Partner Exactly What You Want Them to do? if Not, What Has Been Holding You Back?

anime, cartoon, mobile device, gadget,

24 Have You Ever Considered Watching a Sexy Movie Together to Get into the Mood?

person, human action, finger, film,

25 On a Scale of 1 – 10, How Uncomfortable Has It Been to Answer These Questions? Why Has It Been Uncomfortable?

person, emotion, Anyway,, how, your,

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