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17 Fab Sex Tips for Women Too Lazy to Be on Top ...

By Holly

Sex can be a whole lot of fun. Of course, it's always better when your partner is the one working his muscles. But since you don't want to be a bad girlfriend by forcing him to do all the work, here are a few sex tips for women who are too lazy to get on top:

1 Use Your Nails

Use Your Nails There's plenty you can do while you're underneath him. For example, you can dig your nails into his back and scratch them across his skin. He'll find it sexy, as long as you don't draw any blood.

2 Move While underneath Him

Move While underneath Him Even though you're on the bottom, you can still do some of the work. Lift your hips up and down at the same time he moves his hips.


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3 Leave Some of Your Clothes on

Leave Some of Your Clothes on If you're too lazy to get on top, you might be too lazy to take off all of your clothes, too. That's okay, because it's good to leave something to the imagination. You don't have to strip until you're completely naked.

4 Kiss His Lips

Kiss His Lips Don't forget to press your lips against his. It'll make sex feel a lot more special.

5 Let Him Initiate It

Let Him Initiate It If you initiate sex, you'll probably end up on top of him. That's why you should let him initiate it on your lazy days.

6 Try Missionary

Try Missionary There are plenty of different sex positions that don't involve you being on top, but missionary is the best one. It's a classic for a reason.

7 Look Him in the Eyes

Look Him in the Eyes In order to make sex feel more meaningful, look him in the eyes. It works like a charm.

8 Kiss Him All over

Kiss Him All over You don't have to stick to kissing his lips. Kiss his neck and his chest, too.

9 Wrap Your Legs behind His Back

person, mouth, muscle, sense, interaction, If you can wrap your legs around him, then do so. Either lock your ankles behind his back or behind his head.

10 Touch Yourself

Touch Yourself This will kill two birds with one stone. It'll turn your boyfriend on while making sex feel much better for you.

11 Touch Your Breasts

Touch Your Breasts Instead of touching below the belt, you can also touch your breasts. Stimulate those nipples.

12 Talk Dirty

Talk Dirty If you don't want to move your body at all, you can stick to moving your lips. Tell him what you want him to do to you in the sexiest way you can.

13 Bite Him

Bite Him Don't hurt him. Just nibble on his shoulder or ear a little bit.

14 Run Your Hands through His Hair

Run Your Hands through His Hair Women aren't the only ones who love having their hair touched. That's why you should run your fingers through your boyfriend's hair.

15 Wear Sexy Lingerie

black and white, black, image, photography, monochrome photography, This doesn't require as much effort as you think. All you have to do is pull a nightie over your head.

16 Give Oral Instead

Give Oral Instead If your body is too tired to get on top and do the work during sex, you can try giving him oral instead. That way, only your jaw will get tired.

17 Moan

Moan Men like to hear women make noise. That's why you should moan whenever he does something you enjoy.

Now you'll be able to keep your man satisfied from underneath him. Do you prefer being on top or do you like it when your man is on top of you?

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