7 Sexts to Spice up Your Relationship ...


7 Sexts to Spice up Your Relationship ...
7 Sexts to Spice up Your Relationship ...

Looking for some sexts to spice up your relationship?
Sexting is a way to spice things up in and outside of the bedroom. It's a quick and easy way to keep the flames alive in your relationship. It's also a great way to have foreplay and drive your man wild while he's at work. Do you want to improve your sexting? Here are 7 sexts to spice up your relationship.

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"I Miss Your Cock."

Letting him know that you miss him will brighten his work day especially if he knows that all you can think about is having sex with him.


"I Can Still Feel You inside Me."

He will be hard for you all day thinking about the hot sex you two had last night (or even this morning).


Sending this provocative message is a surefire way to ignite his imagination and desire, no matter where he is. By reminding him of the intimate connection you both shared, his thoughts will be consumed with the memory of your closeness and the sensations that came with it. The thought alone will keep the embers of passion smoldering throughout the day, building anticipation for the next time you're together. Such powerful imagery not only teases but also strengthens the bond, as he's reminded of the mutual pleasure and emotional depth of your physical encounters.


"Nothing Turns Me on More than Hearing You Moan as You Hold Me down."

He will be getting hard thinking about how much it turns you on when he holds you down in bed.


"I Want to Taste Myself on Your Fingers."

He won't be able to concentrate at work because all he can think about is picturing you tasting him all day long.


This suggestive message plays on both visuals and sensuality, creating an intimate appetizer that's sure to linger in his thoughts. The anticipation of such a steamy encounter will have his mind racing and pulses thundering, ensuring the mundane tasks of the day fade to the background. Stir his imagination with this bold and tantalizing tease that will make the hours crawl by as he can't wait to rush back into your embracing arms.


"I Can't Stop Thinking about the Moment when You Hit Just the Right Spot with Your Cock."

He won't be able to stop thinking about having sex with you.

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"I'm Not Wearing Panties Today."

He will be thinking about you all day. He won't be able to have you until he gets home so he'll be rock hard all day.


Sending your partner a brazen message like "I'm not wearing panties today" is a surefire way to grab his attention and spark his imagination. The very thought of you going commando creates a tantalizing mental image he won't be able to shake. It suggests a playful spontaneity and a hint of brashness that can be incredibly arousing. Teasing him with such provocative information while he's away adds a layer of anticipation to the mix, ensuring he remains tantalized by the thought of what awaits him at home. Just remember, the power lies in the playful tease; let his mind do the rest.


"You Make Me Think the Dirtiest Thoughts."

Knowing that you're thinking about doing dirty things to him will turn him on. Your man will be hard knowing how much you want him.

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