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9 Ways to Tell You Aren't in Love Anymore ...

By Heather

Being in love is one of the greatest feelings in the world, but what are some of the ways to tell you aren't in love anymore? That's the problem: people think that once they are in love, it is forever, but sometimes it isn't. Sometimes you've got to figure out the ways to tell you aren't in love anymore and if you really need to be in the relationship that you are in right now!

1 Constant Irritation with Your Partner

While some irritation with your partner is going to be normal, one of the ways to tell you aren't in love anymore is that you are constantly annoyed with him or her. Do you find yourself resenting everything that they do? Do you even find yourself hating some of the core things that you used to love? That could be a sign that you just don't like them anymore, much less love them.

2 You Aren't Excited by Your Partner Anymore

You should be excited to want to be with your partner, you should be excited to see them and should miss them when you are away from them. While all couples are different, there should be something that you miss and get excited about with your partner – are you feeling that anymore? Are you experiencing any feelings when they are gone?

3 You're Only Interested in Yourself

How about your wants and needs? Do you tend to put yourself before your partner no matter what? Do you only care about what decisions impact you and not exactly what impacts your partner? These are tough things to face, but they are things that you are going to have to really consider whenever you are dealing with not being in love.

4 No More Sex

This is not always a sign, as some couples can get by on having very little sex. However, if you don't even feel the urge anymore to have sex with your partner and you don't get excited about the prospect of sex, that's a great sign to tell you that you aren't in love anymore.

5 You Want to Spend Time with Others

Do you to spend time with your best friends, with a group of co-workers or even your family over your partner? Would you rather spend time with other people because you just aren't into spending time with your partner anymore? This is a tough thing to hear, but it's definitely something that you need to consider.

6 All You do is Argue

Arguing is tough. It's a part of life and of relationships, but if all you two do is argue, it really isn't worth a relationship, is it? Do you feel like you want to make up at all? Do you feel like you are constantly feeling sorry for your relationship? These are all red flags that you need to watch out for!

7 No Passion at All

How about the passion level, girls and boys? This is another thing that you need to consider. If you are not at all passionate in your relationship, why are you in a relationship at all? Passion is something that fuels your relationship and your wants and needs – if you don't have it, that isn't good!

8 No Kissing/PDA

While passion might be something that you are lacking, do you even kiss at all? Do you even have any PDA or even just affection at all in your relationship? This is something that you're really going to have to think about, as it's important to touch in your relationship.

9 Lack of Respect

Finally, how are the respect levels in your relationship? Is there a form of understanding or even a small form of respect? Do you respect your partner and they respect you right back? This is important for you to consider, as when you are in love, you have respect for each other.

Being in a relationship is not all peaches and cream, but it is also not something that you should ever feel forced to be in. Being in love is something fantastic, but there are times you can fall out of it! So, what are some of the other ways you can tell you are not in love?

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