8 Body Language Signs Your Relationship is on the Rocks ...


8 Body Language Signs Your Relationship is on the Rocks ...
8 Body Language Signs Your Relationship is on the Rocks ...

A lot of times men have a hard time expressing their feelings. That is why I wrote 8 body language signs your relationship is on the rocks. When a guy starts to become distant from you and doesn't talk about it, it is hard for us to know exactly what they are thinking. But with these signs your relationship is on the rocks you can have a better understanding of what is truly going on behind the body language motions.

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He Clenches His Fists

This is an unconscious sign your man is preparing for a fight when he is angry. He is on the border of blowing up, but trying not to. Next time you get in a fight, see what his hands are doing.


His Focus Isn't on You when You Kiss

When a guy kisses you and his eyes are busy scoping out what is around him, he clearly isn't connected to you or caring about you. If he cant' keep his attention on you for a kiss he isn't going to keep his attention on you in any other ways. This is definitely a sign he is losing interest.


His Jaw is Tense

When a guy is fuming, he tenses up where his jaw meets his cheekbone. If you can see his jaw flexing know that your man is extremely angered at the moment.


His Hand Hold Seems like Work

Hand holding is a way to physically connect with someone. When he's trying to emotionally pull away, his hand hold is usually limp and lacking any effort. Keep in mind what is going on for him about you on the inside is reflected in his physical contact with you.


He Looks up and to the Left

When you are having a conversation with a guy, the direction he looks at is very important. When a man looks up and to the left, it is a body language sign he is lying to you. If he looks up and to the right, he is recalling something from his memory.


He Touches His Ears or Nose

When a man is being deceptive, his ears and nose will begin to itch because the body's natural response is for blood to rush to the face. If your guy doesn't have allergies be very aware of times he toys with his face.


Averting Eye Contact

When a guy physically shifts his body away from you or gives you just his profile, this is a big red flag. He doesn't care about you the way he used to and is trying to be rude instead of having a conversation with you about it. If he is scanning the room and averting eye contact, you're in trouble. Don't let yourself be treated by someone who isn't that into you anymore.


He Covers His Lips with His Hands

This body language move is a sign a guy is lying. If during a conversation you find your man covering his lips with his hands, it is because he is unconsciously trying to block the truth from slipping out. Sometimes another way to know if a guy is lying he will lick his lips and direct his eyes down towards the right.

I hope with these 8 body language signs your relationship is on the rocks you have a clearer indication which way you and your partner are going. Keep in mind a lot of these can also be a cover up for him cheating besides wanting to break up. Not all are because he wants to break up, but usually if a guy is acting this detached or lying to you it isn't because he is madly in love anymore!

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what does it mean ?he looks at n left side ?


But thats not prove scienfically

#dadandstepmom sorry Colleen

Lol . one size doesn't fit all.

For number five the opposite is true with lefties.

So I'm going to grab his hand more often to evaluate if it's lifeless. Palm reading at its finest!

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