7 Signs a "Nice Guy" is Actually Sexist in Disguise ...


You don't want to date anyone who disrespects women. Of course, a guy's feelings are not always obvious. Sometimes, it's subtle. According to Gurl, here are some super small signs that a man is actually a sexist:

1. He Says “you’re Not like Other Girls."

He Says “you’re Not like Other Girls."

What's wrong with other girls?

He Puts down Other Girls to Compliment You


I wonder why all your articles have so much hatred for men and relationships. Feminism is not about doing wat men does its about doing what's really right. None of us are going to look up at a guy who...
Girls say things like "You're not like other guys" to men. It's not really that bad. There is such a thing as typical where both genders are concerned.
You always get gut feelings anyway ...
I agree! This article is great! No one should stand for not being treated correctly, now we know what signs to look for! Thanks😃
I'm sure this article is about to get slammed with hate, but I want to thank you for saying each and every one of these things.
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