What Men Really Want in a Wife ...

By Holly

Are you marriage material? Do you know what men really want in a relationship? Well, it's time to find out! According to RedBook Mag, here's what most men are looking for in a wife:

Table of contents:

  1. someone he can trust — not just with going out dancing with the girls, but with all his secrets and weird, dumb fears
  2. someone who supports him even if he suddenly wants to quit his job to pursue his dream of becoming a famous screenwriter/inventor
  3. someone who has drive and ambition, and doesn't just sit around posting motivational quotes on facebook
  4. someone who wants to spend time with him, but also goes out a few times a month on their own
  5. someone he can have really (really, really, really) great sex with
  6. someone who accepts that maybe he's not the best communicator and understands that he's working on it
  7. someone who wants to learn about him and grow with him
  8. he wants someone who will always surprise him
  9. he wants someone who isn't afraid to speak their mind
  10. he wants a partner that wants to learn and grow with him

1 Someone He Can Trust — Not Just with Going out Dancing with the Girls, but with All His Secrets and Weird, Dumb Fears

You shouldn't just be your man's wife. You should be his best friend.

2 Someone Who Supports Him Even if He Suddenly Wants to Quit His Job to Pursue His Dream of Becoming a Famous Screenwriter/inventor

He wants someone who's always there for him, no matter what stupid plans he comes up with.

3 Someone Who Has Drive and Ambition, and Doesn't Just Sit around Posting Motivational Quotes on Facebook

He doesn't want to be the only happy, successful one. He wants you to be, too.

4 Someone Who Wants to Spend Time with Him, but Also Goes out a Few Times a Month on Their Own

He doesn't want to be your entire life. He wants you to have friends you can go out with when he's not around.

5 Someone He Can Have Really (really, Really, REALLY) Great Sex with

I mean, why wouldn't he want this?

6 Someone Who Accepts That Maybe He's Not the Best Communicator and Understands That He's Working on It

He might have a hard time expressing his feelings, but he hopes you understand he's trying his best.

7 Someone Who Wants to Learn about Him and Grow with Him

Men want the same thing we want--someone who truly loves us and wants to grow old with us.

8 He Wants Someone Who Will Always Surprise Him

Growing as a person and accepting and adapting with changes are great qualities that men seek in a partner. Even after a long time of being together, you still can both share exciting stories and keep each other on your toes.

9 He Wants Someone Who Isn't Afraid to Speak Their Mind

Voicing your opinions, even if it isn't the most popular opinion, is so desired by men. Having the courage to say what you believe is such a courageous trait to have.

10 He Wants a Partner That Wants to Learn and Grow with Him

He wants someone who generally cares about what his hopes and dreams are in life. He wants someone to be by his side every step of the way.

Have you found the man you want to marry? Are these the qualities you see most important in what a man wants, and do these qualities differ from what you're looking for in a husband? Comment below!

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