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7 Ridiculous Ways Men Try to Overcompensate ...

By Holly

If a man is unhappy with his size, personality, or overall looks, then there are certain things he might do in order to overcompensate for his "flaws." Unfortunately, when men do that, they end up looking less desirable than before. It's better for him to just be himself. Here are a few ridiculous ways that some men try to overcompensate:

1 He'll Buy a Big, Flashy Car
Some men think that the only things women care about are size and money. That's why they'll buy flashy sports cars in the hopes of impressing us. Of course, we don't really care what he's riding around in. The look of his vehicle, or the amount of money he spent on it, isn't going to convince us to date him.

2 He'll Brag about Everything He's Ever Accomplished

He'll Brag about Everything He's Ever Accomplished Some men will spend entire conversations bragging about how amazing they are. We'd rather just get to know them, so that we can find out how amazing he is on our own, but some men don't understand that. They'll treat dates like job interviews and list off all of their achievements in order to sound impressive.

3 He'll Shower You with Gifts

He'll Shower You with Gifts We love presents, but we don't need to be showered with expensive gifts every week. Of course, if a man is trying to overcompensate for something, he's going to do so by buying gifts. He wrongly assumes that it's the quickest way for him to make you like him.

4 He'll Pretend He's a Player

He'll Pretend He's a Player Some men will act like they're only interested in sleeping around, because they're worried that they won't be able to find one woman who's willing to stick with them for life. That's why he'll sleep with as many random girls as he can. If he can't get any, then he'll just lie about sleeping with tons of girls instead. He thinks it makes him look manlier.

5 He'll Start Fist Fights

He'll Start Fist Fights There are plenty of men who try to overcompensate for their size by picking fights. They want to show everyone that they're tougher than they look, and they do that by using their fists. Even though violence isn't the answer, they think that it is. It's the only way they think they can prove everyone wrong about how weak they are (even though nobody was even thinking that in the first place).

6 He'll Buy a Big Dog

He'll Buy a Big Dog There's nothing wrong with owning a big dog. However, some men purposely buy big dogs, and avoid the small ones, because they think that it makes them look tougher. It's nice that he's giving the dog a home, but if he tries to raise it to be mean just to impress the ladies, that dog deserves a better owner. It's a pet, not a toy.

7 He'll Overdo It on the Cologne

He'll Overdo It on the Cologne You've probably met a few men who don't know when to stop putting on their cologne. They want to smell good so badly that they pour way too much on themselves. Instead of making them smell more desirable, it only pushes us away.

Men have insecurities, just like we do. However, they don't have to overcompensate in order to make up for their "flaws." We like them just the way they are. Have you ever met a man who tried to overcompensate by doing any of these ridiculous things?

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