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He is Totally in Love with You if He Does These 7 Things ...

By Jasmine

There may be several suspicious signs he's attracted to you a little too much. You may consider certain gestures from a guy to be endearing and thoughtful. Have you been wondering why you have this eerie feeling that the person you're casually dating seems to come off too strong? Then they may just be obsessed or infatuated with you. The next seven points in this list are clear signs he's attracted to you in a fatal way.

1 He Rushes You into a Relationship

An eagerness to be loved or in a serious relationship could be one of the first signs he's attracted to you way too seriously. Say for instance you two have dated for two weeks and he's already talking about going steady. This should alarm you immediately, especially if you're not ready for any commitment. Look for anything that relates to senseless ultimatums for your time or attention. You'll be able to detect a desperate person before it gets out of control.

2 He Only Sees You

Does he rarely hang with any of his friends? Does it feel like he's always with you and around you? You may be the only one he sees. Personally, I can't deal with a very clingy guy. So, I usually question the sanity of someone who wants to be under me 24/7. If it's a boyfriend or husband, then that may be a different story—but anyone you're just casually dating should give you your space for the most part.

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3 He's Jealous or Possessive

Unnecessary jealousy may be another sign. Maybe you see one of your male colleagues while out on a date and decide to say "hello." If the guy you're dating has an issue with this after you've explained the situation, then he is controlling and insecure. He may even tell you that he's jealous when you talk or hang with certain people. This should be a red flag that this guy clearly wants you for himself and nobody else, which can be fatal.

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4 He Can't Handle His Emotions

So, he gets angry easily about the smallest things that involve you. He asks you out one night and you say no, but you give him a good reason why. Yet, he still ends up going off and acting like it's the end of the world. He is obviously fatally attracted to you if he throws temper tantrums over unanswered phone calls or text messages. Another sign is if he says "I love you" without reason or slightly too soon—especially if you're not in a serious relationship.

5 He Knows Personal Information

What's really strange is when a guy knows information about you that you've never shared with him before. Maybe he informs you that he knows what your last job was or what city you lived in before moving. He could be doing research on you without you even knowing it. It can be a turn on to know that a guy takes the time to really pay attention to you as a person, but in most cases, it's just very awkward.

6 He Stalks You

You may see him at random places or events. He may even show up at your office for no particular reason or be waiting for you by your car after you've clocked out of work. If he comes over to your house unannounced or you catch him driving past your house more than once, then this dude is on stalker mode! You may want to be very careful not to look past this fatal attraction sign. Once you've made it clear that you don't like sudden surprises, but they continue to happen, then the guy is clearly off.

7 He Refuses to Break It off

Well, this sign may definitely reveal his true colors. If you're feeling like things aren't working out and decide to call it off with the guy, he should be able to handle it like a mature adult. However, someone who has fatal attraction may take rejection a little harsh. He may try to persuade you or beg and plead for you not to end things with him. Refusing to respect your wishes is a clear sign that you may be dealing with a mad man.

Whether it's someone you're dating, seeing seriously, or a co-worker who likes you at work, never take any of these indications lightly. Have you been dealing with a guy that seems to be fatally attracted to you? What are some other warning signs you've noticed?

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