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7 Signs He Likes You for More than Your Body ...

By Holly

If you're worried that your crush or boyfriend is only interested in scoring, there are signs he likes you for more than your body that you should look out for. You don't want to be with someone who only likes you for your looks. As gorgeous as you are, you have a heart and mind that are just as beautiful. Here are some of the biggest signs he likes you for more than your body:

1 Likes You Bundled up

Does he pay less attention to you when you're bundled up than when you're showing a bit of cleavage? If he only wants to talk to you when you're half naked, then he's probably only interested in your looks. One of the biggest signs he likes you for more than your body is that he'll pay just as much attention to you when you're messy as he does when you're looking like a beauty queen.

2 Doesn't Pressure You

Boys like to get physical as fast as they can, but that doesn't mean it's okay for him to pressure you. If he threatens to break up with you if you don't sleep with him, then he only wants you for your body. You don't need someone like that, so make sure that you kick him to the curb as quickly as you can.

3 Sweet Comments

Does he only call you "hot" and "sexy?" If he never tells you how intelligent you are or how much you make him laugh, then he's not interested in your personality. He's only paying attention to one thing.

4 Actually Listens

It's normal for men to try to sneak peeks down your shirt or admire you as you walk away. However, he shouldn't be so focused on your looks that he forgets to listen to what you're saying. If you want him to be your boyfriend, he'll have to be capable of holding a conversation with you. You can't just be making out all the time instead.

5 Not Always Sexual

Does every single conversation turn into a sexual one? If you can't ask him about his day without him telling you how badly he wants to kiss you, then something's wrong. Mentioning it once in a while is sweet. Talking about it 24/7 is a red flag.

6 No Other Girls

Watch how he treats other girls and you can probably figure out how he's going to treat you. If he comments on every hot girl that walks past and says how badly he wants to get with them, then he's only looking to have fun. If he's polite and never lets his eyes wander to another woman, then he's completely involved with you.

7 Willing to Commit

If he wants to be in a relationship and is willing to meet your parents and buy you dinner, he likes you for more than your body. If he wants to be friends with benefits or have an open relationship, he only wants you for your body. Ask him straight out what he's looking for from you and you'll find out all you need.

Never let a guy kiss you if you're not on the same page. If you do, one or both of you will end up getting hurt. Have you ever been with a guy who only liked you for your looks?

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