8 Signs He is a Player ...

By Heather

8 Signs He is a Player ...

He is a Player – how can you tell? There are guys out there that live just to play with a girl's emotions. These are not the guys that you want to fall for – right ladies? Well, I've got the top 8 signs to tell if he is a player! That way you can avoid the player and get yourself an awesome boyfriend. So ladies, let's take a dive into the 8 signs to tell of he is a player!

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1 Too Many Girl Friends

It's okay for a guy to have girlfriends, in fact, it's bound to happen. It's when he has too many girlfriends and they overshadow your relationship with him. If you find that your boy is choosing his girls that are friends over you, it might be a sign that he is a player!

2 Talks Too Much about Sex

Even though guys constantly have sex on the mind, that doesn't mean that they constantly talk about it – unless they are a player. Whether it is talking about having sex with you or talking about having sex with other people, it can be annoying right? If your guy is talking about sex all of the time, it might be time to talk to him about it and find out why he's talking about sex all of the time!

3 Acts Different around His Friends

If you've been dating a guy for a while, you probably know his friends right? Do you notice that he acts a little different around you alone than he does when both of you are around his friends? Well ladies, that could totally be a sign that he is a player.

4 Calls/Texts at All Hours of the Night

Just because your guy is up all night, doesn't mean you are. If you find that your guy is texting or calling at all hours of the night, it could be a sign that he's a player. This is another conversation that you might want to have with your man. Just ask him, why does he have to call you at 3:00am instead of during the day time hours?

5 Extremely Cocky

A lot of players think that they are god's gift to women and they are extremely confident – right on the border or even over the border of being cocky. If your guy is constantly talking about the 'girls he used to nail' or constantly assuming that every girl is checking him out, he is a player. No doubt about it!

6 Doesn't Ask about Your Life

Players are not only cocky and over confident, but they are also extremely self absorbed. He won't ask about what's going on in your life or really care about it. He is just obsessed with what is going on with him and what is happening in his life.

7 Uses Excuses Not to Hang out

Your boyfriend should want to constantly hang out with you and constantly be around you. He shouldn't be avoiding you at all or just looking for excuses not to hang out. If your guy is constantly making excuses not to hang out, it might be because he is a player!

8 Acts Different when You're Alone

Remember how I said that he acts differently around his friends? Well ladies, that could go for his family too. If you find that he acts differently around everyone else than he does when you're alone, it is definitely a sign that he's a player!

Figuring out if he is a player isn't easy. Especially if you're in love with him. Ladies, we all know that players are bad news and it typically ends in pain. So – what other signs do you think I missed to figure out if he is a player? Let me know!

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I am very glad I stumble across this article. I have met my Houdini 4 months ago. His name is Rick MacDonald and if you happen to know someone's dating him just warn them ahead of time. I am sure there were and probably will be more women that this guy would date but I hope people would be smarter to not fall for someone like that. If you just want to hook up with him then that's fine. But if you are like me who's looking for a serious committed relationship please be careful with your heart.

He poses as single on dating sites to get the attention of other women. Also tells you to dress provactively in public to make other men jealous of him. Player are only winners at their own self righteous games. To the rest of us with respect for others feelings they are total losers.

Do players want the girl to make the first move?

ok so they guy i like is a little bit of all of these he has 3 close girl friends (including me) but he hangs out w/ lots of guys 2. and well we r in middle school and pretty much evryguy in our school is pretty pervy. he acts pervy around his friends but sweet and caring and he hits on me when its just me and him. hes also kinda cocky but he does ask about my life and often and he doesnt EVER answer my texts or anyone elses for that matter. and i he is caring when it comes to his little siblings HELLLPPPPPPPP!

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