8 Signs 💟 He Wants a Relationship 💑 for Girls Unsure 🤔 of His Motives ...


How does a girl recognize signs he wants a relationship? You’ve been on lots of dates and so you are now well versed in who’s a possibility and who’s dead in the water. You’ve finally come across a sick guy; he’s tall, handsome and clever. You’re not a hundred percent sure if he’s in for the long haul though, so you ask some girlfriends what signs guys show if they really want to be in a relationship with you. This is what they tell you:

1. He’ll Go out with You Even when There’s a Big Game on


Of course, we all know that this is a very temporary thing. No man and his sport are going to be permanently parted by a girlfriend. The point is, if he’s prepared to do it at the beginning of the relationship, he’s very into you, and he definitely wants this relationship. Should you test him? Why not? Tell him you’ve organized a surprise for the two of you but you’re not sure if he’ll come because it’s the night his team is playing. And see what he says…

He Texts You Back Immediately


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