5 Body Language Signs 🚨 to Let You Know πŸ€” if Your Man is Cheating πŸ’” ...

If you started to become skeptical and insecure about your relationship, you might end up questioning whether your man is cheating on you or not. You might check his emails, phone calls, messages and social media activity, yet all of these are not necessary any more. With structured body language knowledge, you’ll be able to read him like a book. Watch for these body language signs he is cheating and you'll have your answer.

1. Lower Part of His Face Doesn’t Match His Eyes

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One of the most telling body language signs he is cheating is that a cheater might raise his eyebrows and open his eyes to show you that he’s interested in you, yet he doesn't say anything to back that up. And vice versa. He might motivate you with words, yet avoid eye contact.

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