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5 Body Language Signs to Let You Know if Your Man is Cheating ...

By Reem

If you started to become skeptical and insecure about your relationship, you might end up questioning whether your man is cheating on you or not. You might check his emails, phone calls, messages and social media activity, yet all of these are not necessary any more. With structured body language knowledge, you’ll be able to read him like a book. Watch for these body language signs he is cheating and you'll have your answer.

1 Lower Part of His Face Doesn’t Match His Eyes

friendship, emotion, photo caption, girl, smile, One of the most telling body language signs he is cheating is that a cheater might raise his eyebrows and open his eyes to show you that he’s interested in you, yet he doesn't say anything to back that up. And vice versa. He might motivate you with words, yet avoid eye contact.

2 Turning His Body Away

muscle, girl, This indicates that he’s not comfortable with the type of questions you ask him. Also, by turning his body away, he’s sending an indirect message to you that he doesn’t want to answer so he simply avoids the question or hides the answer.

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3 He Gets Defensive

red, interaction, product, girl, fun, If you start to question him, he’ll start to defend himself as if you are in a war rather than being offensive. He becomes confrontational and ready to fight.

4 He Pulls Away from You

hair, human hair color, girl, blond, long hair, Once he does this, it suggests that he no longer wants to share an intimate space with you. He might place pets or objects between you just to avoid interaction. Cheaters try to pull their body back to limit physical contact with you.

5 Uses Facial Expressions and Gestures

hairstyle, socialite, professional, conversation, long hair, This has a deep connection with the fact that lying is stressful. A cheater will use excessive facial expressions and exaggerated gestures when telling you a particular lie because it allows him to maintain control. They also, all of a sudden, become so kind and charming just to win your trust so that you don't suspect that anything is going on.

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