11 Ways to Tell if It's Love or like ...


11 Ways to Tell if It's Love or like ...
11 Ways to Tell if It's Love or like ...

Let’s not lie. There have been a few instances where a cute guy walks past us, and we think “Wait, come back, I love you!” But how to tell if it is love or like is a whole other story.

Five minutes later, we’ve completely forgotten about that guy and have gone back to whatever we were doing without a second thought. However, for some of us, our minds wander back to a certain special person we haven’t been able to shake from our heads.

It’s all about the last person you think about when you put your head on the pillow at night. That’s where your heart really is.

Here are 11 ways to tell if you're in love.

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The Amount of Time It’s Been since Your Feelings Started

red, cartoon, fictional character, emotion, interaction, Studies show that if you still “like” a person after four months, you’re already in love. This is definitely one of the easiest ways for how to tell if it is love or like.


You’re Not Thinking about Anyone else

art, cartoon, girl, fun, illustration, When you’re really in love, you can’t help but have only one person on your mind. No one else is allowed in, and it’s not even your fault. It just happens to be that no one else is worthy enough to think about.


You Feel Guilty when You do Think of Someone else

blue, art, nose, fictional character, cartoon, It’s not a crime. We’re human beings, so of course, we’re going to sort out our options. However, if you feel bad for doing so, you’re most likely in love.


Liking is Easy, Loving is Hard

red, yellow, emotion, romance, flower, Liking someone is easy to do because you know it’s just a crush, and you’ll move on eventually. When you love someone, you can’t even imagine being able to move on from them because you can’t see how you could ever be with someone else.


You Constantly Think about the Future

black, photograph, black and white, mammal, vertebrate, Sometimes we daydream about what it would be like to be with the person we like, but when we love someone, we tend to look out five or ten years from the present. And we like what we see.


Love is More than Lust

red, mammal, cartoon, fictional character, vertebrate, Liking someone has the tendency to turn into something a bit more on the “lust” side of things. And that’s not a term we should ever want to use. When you love someone, you love them purely. You love them for their heart and for their soul and not only because you want to take them to bed.


You Know Them Intimately

cartoon, mouth, interaction, girl, fictional character, This isn’t to dispute the theory that you can fall in love the second you meet someone. Some of us have that intuition where we feel as though we’ve known a person for a lifetime the first minute we meet them. It’s as if we’ve always known them intimately. However, if you’re unsure of who that person really is, you can’t classify it as love just yet.


It’s More than Just Looks

blue, cartoon, mammal, vertebrate, sky, You really, really know that you love someone when you don’t find them physically attractive but you love them anyway. That means you love them for who they are as a person, not just because they look good.


You Feel like You're Cheating by Trying to Be with Someone else

fictional character, cartoon, anime, computer wallpaper, fiction, You see that the relationship you had in your head has remained...well, in your head. And you've gotten to the point where you want to explore other people out there, but your heart keeps calling you back to that one person.


Their Happiness Matters More than Yours

girl, black hair, friendship, brown hair, human behavior, When you like someone, you want them for yourself and that’s the end of the story. However, when you’re in love with someone you care more about them being happy than you being happy.


Even if That Means They’re Happier with Someone else

entertainment, performance, interaction, event, love, Selfless behavior is a sure sign of being in love. If you know that you can’t make that person happy or that someone else can make them happier, you let them go. You might even encourage them to be with someone else. That is the ultimate sign of love that nothing else can top.

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