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7 Ways to Know You Are Dating a 'Man-Boy' ...

By Heather

There are tons of different signs to know you are dating a man-boy, you've just gotta watch out for 'em! Do you have a feeling that you might be dating a man-boy? Don't worry ladies, I've got the top 7 ways to know you are dating a man-boy! That way you'll be able to understand why your man likes so many video games and why he still has roommates and he is over 30!

1 He Still Has Roommates

Does you man still have roommates and he is over 30? Or even in his late twenties? It definitely could be a sign that you are dating a man-boy. Do you really want to deal with roommates when you are trying to have a relationship? Who knows what they could walk into!

2 Mama's Boy

Now of course, there are exceptions to every rule, but in general, most guys, when they are a mama's boy, it could be a sign that you are dating a man-boy instead of a full adult. Be careful with the mama's boys, they tend to put their moms first instead of you!

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3 No Direction

A lot of man-boys do not have a ton of direction at all in their life. They like to coast by, playing their video games and being a constant student rather than making something of themselves. If you have a feeling that your man has no direction at all, it could be a sign that you're dating a man-boy!

4 More Obsessed with Video Games than You

This brings me to the video games. My brother is obsessed with video games and while that doesn't exactly make him a man-boy, it can be hard for a girl to compete! Man-boys know when all of the top games come out, wait in midnight lines for their favorite game to come out and allow their video game time run into their sleep time. Ladies, it's cool to like video games and play video games a little, but when it cuts into your relationship? That's when you know you're dating a man-boy!

5 Never Stops Partying

Or you could have the opposite type of man-boy, you could have a man-boy that never, ever wants to stop partying and wants to relive his college days of keg-stands and tons of girls. This is another form of man-boy that isn't necessarily that great to date, who knows if he is trust-worthy!

6 Sleeps the Day Away

Do you have a man that completely nocturnal and doesn't even get to see any sunlight? That could be a sign that he's a man-boy! A man knows that the daytime is the time to work, but a man-boy wants to sleep the day away and party away at night.

7 Constant Student

Finally, the constant student. The man that just wants to go to school for a degree that he doesn't know if he'll ever use – because he doesn't plan on getting a job ever. Have you been dating one of these? It's a sign that you could be dating a man-boy!

There you have it ladies! All of the sure-fire ways to tell if you're dating a man-boy! So girls, have you ever dated a man-boy? What was it like?

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