7 Ways to Know He is Marriage Material ...


7 Ways to Know He is Marriage Material ...
7 Ways to Know He is Marriage Material ...

You are ready to settle down and start a family but how do you know if he is too? What you need are some ways to know if he is marriage material. Luckily I have put together a list of 7 ways to know if he is marriage material. If you are serious about wanting to move onto the next level, than don’t waste time on guys who aren’t there yet.

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He’s Neat

What I mean is he knows how to clean up after himself. One way to know if he is marriage material is to check out his house or apartment. Is it filthy? If you have to move piles of laundry and a couple of pizza boxes off the couch to sit down, my suggestion is to turn around and head back out the door. He is not the guy you want to marry.


Financially Responsible

Notice I didn’t say he has a good job. In this day and age jobs and careers that we once thought were stable and secure aren’t anymore. Instead of worrying about how much money he makes you need to figure out how he handles that money. If he is always broke after payday weekend, thinks more about buying new shoes and video games then he does paying the electric bill, or uses credit cards for unimportant things he is not financially responsible. Ask yourself is this what you want for your future.



Marriage is all about compromise. Both spouses have to give a little to get a little and make each other happy. One way to find out if he is marriage material is to test whether or not he is willing to sacrifice for you. Of course you have to be willing to do the same for him.



What does he think about kids? Are you one the same page? If he wants kids and you don’t then he may not be right for you. The same is true if he is against having children and you want a house full of kids, it is time to move on. While thoughts about having children can change, it’s not something you want to count on. It is better to find someone that shares your same views on children.


Bachelor Life

Is he still enjoying his bachelor lifestyle? If hanging with his boys, getting drunk, and playing video games until the wee hours of the morning are his favorite hobbies then that is one way to know he is not marriage material. He obviously has a few more years of growing up before he is ready to think about marriage.



Can you trust him? When he says he is going to be somewhere at a certain time or promises to call can you trust him to stick to his word? If you can’t count on him to keep his word, then it’s time to move on.



One good clue that a guy is marriage material is how he treats his mom. If a guy treats his mother with appreciation and consideration chances are he is going to treat you well too. Of course, there are exceptions, if he has a less than stellar mother who is not a part of his life then you really can’t use this as a way to tell if he is marriage material.

Knowing ways to tell if he is marriage material can really help you weed out the ones who aren’t going to make the best husbands. Do you have ways to tell if he is marriage material?

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