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Sometimes you can wait for those three little words and they donโ€™t quite come but does that mean he doesnโ€™t love you? Not necessarily. Some men just wait to say it but they give off subtle clues in lieu of. His body language can display love and lust and give his feelings away. You can tell loves you even when heโ€™s not saying it.

1. He Holds Your Hand

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Handholding is a symbol of affection and the need to show possession, especially in public. If he likes to hold your hand, it means that he wants to feel close to you at all times. He wants people to know that you two are connected in a deeper way than just male/female friendship.

He Touches Your Hair


Neecey Beresford
@Nurusha_xx, why not browse the love section. There are tons of articles about signs and signals that are applicable regardless of your relationship or non-relationship status. You're sure to find loads of help.
Can you do it for crushes
@Gabriella ey you shouldn't really think like that girl.. Bcuz an ex of mine did some of these things too but we ain't together anymore. I have someone else in my life who probably did nothing from this article but he's ready to marry meโค๏ธ๐Ÿ™ˆ
I've dated my boyfriend for 4 years and he wants to get married, he doesn't really do any of this ๐Ÿ˜”
Sofia Garcia Sanborn
Some guys are great actors... If he truly loves you, he won't break up. If you chose to break up with him, and feel regretful, then reach out to him.
This confuses me, I've recently separated from my boyfriend but he's always been that way, an absolute gentlemen but then he broke up with me so now I don't know, maybe he just needs space? Either way he was affectionate right upto the break up!
Alysha DiBiasio
I am so confused. I can't tell if my guy friend likes me
Diamond ThikGoddess Watts
All of these are true on basically man taking care of his woman, minus the cooking part! But if he tries or always makes sure your fed! Its the same! And yes ladies!! REAL MEN DO ALL THIS WITHOUT THINKING!! Do not be fooled!!!
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