9 Signs He's Not Ready for Marriage ...


Some men just aren't meant to get married. Others will be ready eventually, but they just need some time. According to Women's Health Mag, here are a few signs that your man is not ready for marriage just yet:

1. He Can't Make Big Decisions

He Can't Make Big Decisions

If he refuses to help you find an apartment, then he isn't serious about your relationship. He shouldn't rely on you to make all of his big decisions for him.

When He Talks about His Future, He Doesn't Talk about You


peony blue
@Elham love is love marriage is an institution. If u are planning on changing a man then he is not for you.
Elham Elmaghraby
What if i'm with a guy doing all of these points and i still love him and having that hope to change some day!! Is that seems to be crazy to wait!!!
peony blue
If he is not ready he just isn't...simples
Interesting !
This is really funny because the guy I started seeing literally does the exact opposite of this list, so everything this lists says guys who aren't ready will do my guy doesn't do and vice versa. We a...
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