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17 Dating Red Flags That Arent Always a Bad Thing ...

By Holly

You've heard all about the different red flags to look out for when dating. However, some of them aren't exactly accurate. It all depends on the situation at hand. Here are a few red flags that aren't always a bad thing:

Table of contents:

  1. Your first kiss wasn’t amazing
  2. He’s a player
  3. He cheated in the past
  4. It takes him forever to respond to texts
  5. Your friends don’t like him
  6. He's secretive
  7. He's never had a girlfriend before
  8. He's overly jealous
  9. He wants to move quickly
  10. He doesn' t like your friends
  11. He doesn't have much time for you
  12. You have a gut feeling
  13. He's rude to waiters
  14. He sends too many texts at once
  15. He badmouths all of his exes
  16. He has a bad relationshp with his family
  17. You two don't have the same life goals

1 Your First Kiss Wasn’t Amazing

The majority of the time, first kisses are awkward. You can't expect to feel a life changing spark right away. Sometimes, the second kiss will be way better than the first. You just have to stick around to find out.

2 He’s a Player

Some players will eventually settle down. If your man really likes you, then you might be able to get him to commit.

3 He Cheated in the past

Just because he cheated on his ex, it doesn't mean he's going to cheat on you. Ask him about the situation before you automatically dump him.

4 It Takes Him Forever to Respond to Texts

Some people are genuinely busy. If he works long hours, then it's not his fault for ignoring your texts.

5 Your Friends Don’t like Him

Your friends don't know your boyfriend like you do, so they don't have a clue what they're talking about. Don't listen to their opinion. Listen to your heart.

6 He's Secretive

In the beginning stages of a relationship, it's normal to hold back. If he's secretive at first, it's not that big of a deal.

7 He's Never Had a Girlfriend before

If you're his first girlfriend, don't judge him. It's actually a compliment that he's choosing to date you when he's never dated in the past.

8 He's Overly Jealous

It's normal to get jealous. As long as he doesn't physically or mentally abuse you when he's angry, then his jealousy might not be the worst thing in the world.

9 He Wants to Move Quickly

Men love sex. It's as simple as that. Just because he's trying to sleep with you, it doesn't mean he's trying to use you for sex.

10 He Doesn' T like Your Friends

Your friends won't always like your man, and your man won't always like your friends. It's unfortunate, but it happens.

11 He Doesn't Have Much Time for You

If he's too busy to spend time with you, you have to ask yourself if you're okay with his busy schedule. If you are, then there isn't a problem.

12 You Have a Gut Feeling

Your gut isn't always right. Don't cut a guy out of your life, just because you have a feeling that he'll break your heart.

13 He's Rude to Waiters

No, he shouldn't be rude to anyone. However, if the waiter gets his order wrong and is being rude to him, it's not a crime for him to be rude back.

14 He Sends Too Many Texts at Once

Don't fault him for double texting you. It just means he really wants to hear from you.

15 He Badmouths All of His Exes

Maybe his exes were actually all horrible. You never know.

16 He Has a Bad Relationshp with His Family

Some people aren't close with their parents. It's not his fault if he was born into a destructive family.

17 You Two Don't Have the Same Life Goals

Even though you don't think you want the same things in the future, that could change. If you're still young, you could give it some time before you break up with him over your differing opinions on kids.

You have to really think about your situation before deciding whether or not the red flags you find are worth leaving your boyfriend. Have you ever dated a guy, even though you noticed these red flags early on?

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