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7 Reasons Why He's Sending You Mixed Signals ...

By Holly

Don't you hate when a guy texts you nonstop for a week, and then suddenly won't answer you for days? It's almost too confusing to handle! Of course, there are always reasons behind a man's actions, even if it seems like he's making zero sense. Here are a few reasons why your crush might be sending you mixed signals and driving you nuts:

1 He Isn’t Ready for a Real Relationship

He Isn’t Ready for a Real Relationship If he likes you, but isn't ready for a relationship with you, then he's sending mixed signals in order to put distance between the two of you. That way, he won't have an opportunity to move forward with you. Even though he genuinely likes you, his fear of commitment is holding him back from making a move.

2 He Isn’t Interested in Dating You

He Isn’t Interested in Dating You Some men enjoy flirting for the fun of it. They don't actually intend for it to lead anywhere. If he isn't interested in dating you, then he probably doesn't even realize that he's been ignoring you. He'll have other things on his mind.

3 He Doesn’t Want to Hurt You

hair, face, photography, beauty, hairstyle, Some men consider themselves dangerous. If he thinks that he'd be a horrible boyfriend, then he might be keeping his distance in order to protect you. He doesn't want to break your heart, so he's doing the only thing he can come up with--leaving your life before he has the opportunity to hurt you.

4 He’s Keeping His Options Open

He’s Keeping His Options Open It's possible to have crushes on multiple people at once. If he likes a few other girls, then he won't want to spend too much time talking to you, because he'll want to see what his other options are. He'd rather wait to commit until he knows which lady he really wants to date.

5 He Already Has a Girlfriend

He Already Has a Girlfriend Even though you think he's single, he might actually be in a relationship. If that's the case, then it'll be hard for him to contact you frequently, because his girlfriend will be watching his every move. So if he's not answering you back, he might be busy with his real girlfriend.

6 He Just Wants Attention

He Just Wants Attention Some men just want attention. The only reason why he was flirting with you was so he could feel better about himself. Your words gave him the boost in confidence that he needed. After he got what he wanted from you, there was no reason to continue the conversation.

7 He Doesn’t Even Know What He Wants from You

He Doesn’t Even Know What He Wants from You He might be just as confused as you are. Some men aren't sure when they like a girl, when they just want to sleep with her, and when they'd rather be friends with her. If he can't figure out how he feels about you, then he's not going to know how to act around you. That means he might be flirty one day and distant the next.

Mixed signals are confusing, but there's always a reason behind them. That's why you should take the time to sit down and really think about your relationship with your crush. You'll probably be able to figure out which one of these reasons is the cause of his actions. Has a man been sending you mixed signals lately?

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