11 Signs He's Not the "One" and You're Better off Moving on ...


11 Signs He's Not the "One" and You're Better off Moving on ...
11 Signs He's Not the "One" and You're Better off Moving on ...

If you're dating someone and you're wondering whether or not it is worth investing your time, energy and emotion, take notice of any signs he's not the one. If the guy you are dating is showing any signs he's not the one, it's best to pack it up and move on; chances are that he's not going to suddenly start changing his feelings and become your one and only.

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You Feel Judged

One of the biggest signs he's not the one is that you feel like you are being judged. If you feel like you can't be yourself or if you feel like he's judging you when you are being yourself, it's a safe bet that he's not the one. The right guy won't ever judge you.


No Emotion

Well, this one is pretty obvious. If he isn't showing any emotion, or any real emotion, after dating for several weeks - or even months - chances are pretty good that he isn't the one. If the guy you are dating is actually into you, he will certainly have some sort of emotion. He may not say "I love you" right away, but he will surely let you know he has strong feelings for you with some sort of emotion.


You're Not a Priority

If he is always going out without checking in with you, or if he constantly makes plans with you and then breaks them to do something else, you are not his priority. If you aren't his priority, it's a safe bet that he isn't the one.


You Can't Communicate with Him

Communication is one of the basic foundations of a successful relationship. If you find it difficult to communicate with him, regarding issues, your feelings, or even just everyday events, then you can probably safely say that he isn't the one.


You Don't Trust Him

Trust is the number one essential ingredient for a successful relationship. If you don't trust what the guy you are dating tells you, you don't trust where he has been and you just don't trust anything he does, then you shouldn't be considering packing your bags; you should be doing so while you are reading this.


He Lies

Have you ever caught your guy in a lie? I'm not talking about a little white lie regarding an outfit you're wearing so that you can actually get somewhere at home either; I'm talking about a real, true hurtful and harmful lie. If your guy has lied about where he has been, where he is going and who has been hanging out with - or anything else as serious as this - you need to ditch him because he isn't the one.


He Isn't Investing

You can't be the only one making an effort in your relationship; and you can't be giving more than he is. If you feel like it's a 60-40, a 70-30 or a 90-10 investment (your investment being the higher number), you need to walk away. A successful relationship requires a 50-50 investment, and the right guy will want to make that kind of investment.


Not Affectionate

Being affectionate in a relationship is something that you need to have. Closeness is so important in a relationship and you lose that when you aren't affectionate with each other, especially in private.


Huge Distance

When you can feel the chill in the room when your partner walks into it, that's a problem. When you keep things in the surface instead of digging deeper, it's time for you to pack because there has to be a reason for the distance.


No Future Talk

When you've been with your partner for a while, you always talk about the next step. Maybe your partner is not thinking you are his next step -- have you thought of that? If there is no future talk on his end, no matter how many times you've tried, it's time to go!


Lack of Sex

Finally, the lack of sex can be something that can really cause a lot of problems in a relationship. A relationship that is filled with passion -- should also be filled with sex. If you are seeing a huge dip or even a lack of sex all together, it might be because he isn't into having it with you.

Dating can be tough. However, just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean that you should stick it out because you are afraid of being alone; if the guy you are seeing is showing any of these signs, it's best to pack up and move on. What's your stance on this?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Heather Jensen.

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I don't necessarily agree completely with this article, what happens when you guy is just not affectionate at all? Because that's the way he is and the way he grew up like. Or what about if he doesn't like to share feelings? But this is just the way he is with you, his family, his friends... Would you walk away because I society says that you need to have certain amount of affection, or because you have to be the only thing that matters in his life? Obviously if he lies, and if he hurts you by judging you all the time and if you are the only one in this relationship then yeah, this would be a real reason to move on. But I think everybody's relationships work in a very different ways.

Interesting! And I agree but I also take into consideration that everyone is different and different things work differently for everyone and maybe that person has to stay with that person for reasons that don't make sense to everyone but it's the right thing for him or her and then later if it is not then they can leave. But sometimes love won't allow you to just pick up and leave even if you know it's something you must do. Sometimes you have to love and be where your heart loves.

I agree Nicky, but I think the important thing about this article is about making the right choices to build a true happiness, even if before moving away we already feel regrets. As life is short, choices must be done ...

This came in the right time. I was wondering if my break up was a mistake. A friend told me to not settle for less and I'm hanging on to this!

My relationship is basically 1-11, I'm so ready to move on from this.

I never had a boyfriend so i don't know how to act like one exactly. Anyway, this military guy is like a heaven-sent to me. He's now been deployed to middle east. We've been talking a lot almost everyday for a month then suddenly i can hardly talk to him anymore. I don't know if he wants me to wait for him or what?

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