7 Obvious Signs a Guy is Flirting with You ...


7 Obvious Signs a Guy is Flirting with You ...
7 Obvious Signs a Guy is Flirting with You ...

Have you ever wondered if that nice guy that you have a crush on is flirting with you? Even if it’s quite hard to read body language at all times, there are a few ways that most men unconsciously and sometimes, even consciously, let you know that they like you. There are a lot of studies which show that most people are pretty awful at flirting, since 80% of people can identify when someone is not flirting with them but only 36% of men and 18% of women can tell when the other person is flirting. When you are attracted to someone, you usually pay attention to every little thing that they do or say to decipher what they really mean. Here are 7 obvious signs a guy is flirting with you that you should consider:

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You Catch Him Staring

A guy who likes you and especially one who flirts with you will always look at you. Do you often catch him staring at you from across the room? Well, that’s a good sign! A guy who is interested in you will spend a lot of time talking to you or at least, staring at you. Their eyes will be wide open and very expressive throughout your entire conversation.


When you notice his gaze lingers a little too long, even when you're not speaking, it's his non-verbal way of showing interest. If you catch him quickly looking away when you spot him, it could be a sign of a shy admirer. But if he holds your gaze with a warm smile, he's definitely flirting and trying to connect. Remember, his eyes are a window to his intentions, so pay attention to where his glance falls – if it's often on you, he's probably more than just casually interested.


A Lovely Smile

A guy who always has a big lovely smile on his face every time he sees you may be interested in you. Does it seem like their eyes sparkle when they are talking to you or are they laughing and giggling throughout your entire conversation? If you like him too, just smile back and don’t play hard to get, because often this is a big turn off for most guys.


When his smile becomes a constant companion during your interactions, it can be a clear indicator that he's genuinely interested and trying to convey his affection. Pay attention to how consistently he beams with happiness around you in comparison to others. If his joy seems exclusive to your presence, it's likely he's flirting. Remember, a shared smile can be the simplest yet most profound connection; it's a non-verbal dance of happiness that speaks volumes about his attraction to you. Encourage this mutual delight—express your warmth and let your own smile be a welcoming sign of interest.


He is Trying to Impress You

A guy who is attracted to you will do everything in his power to impress you. He may even brag a little bit without realizing it. They just want to show you what a great catch they are and they are trying to get you to like them back. He will talk about the things he is good at and he will tell you more about his successes because he just wants to make you think he is special.


When a guy is flirting with you, he may be more talkative and confident than usual. He may also be more touchy-feely, such as brushing his hand against yours or giving you a hug. He may also try to make you laugh or smile, or give you compliments. He might even try to make plans to see you again. He may also try to impress you by bragging about his accomplishments or talking about his hobbies and interests. Finally, he might try to get to know you better by asking you questions or keeping the conversation going. All of these are signs that he is trying to get your attention and show you he's interested.


He is a Bit Nervous

Is that cute boy that you like a bit nervous or fidgety when he’s around you? Is he running his hands through his hair, is he playing with his pen or jiggling his leg around? Does he often blush when he’s talking to you? These are just signs that he is nervous and that he is trying to make a good impression because he likes you.


His unease could also manifest in his speech; perhaps he stumbles over his words or speaks faster than usual when you’re part of the conversation. If he’s making more eye contact than what seems normal, or he looks away quickly when you catch his gaze, these are additional signs that he's trying to connect with you but is a little unsure how to proceed. These involuntary responses indicate strong attraction and his attempts to put his best foot forward, despite the butterflies in his stomach.



A guy who likes you will mirror your actions without even knowing it. This is another sign that he is flirting with you. It’s only natural to mirror someone we are interested in and this ranges from mirroring blink rates to mirroring their manner of speaking.

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Hands on Hips

The next time you talk to that cute guy you like, pay attention to his hands. Does he put them on his hips or does he place his thumbs in the belt loops? If he does this often, then he is just trying to show you that he is confident and that he deserves your attention.


This power pose is akin to a peacock fanning its feathers—it's all about displaying dominance and attraction. And it's not just for show; it's his subconscious aligning with his intentions. Think of it as his way of marking territory, albeit subtly, and showing that he's "the man" for you. So when you catch him doing this, it’s his non-verbal cue that signals he’s into you and he’s trying to impress. Keep an eye out for this stance—it speaks volumes about his interest.


A Flirting Touch

Touching is a huge part of flirting. A guy who likes you will try to casually slip his arm around you or he might give you a hug or even a kiss on the cheek when he says goodbye. He will try to be subtle about it but he will try to touch you accidentally.

A guy who is interested in you will get excited when he finds out that you two have something in common, he will make fun of other guys you know, he will gently tease you without being mean and he will make suggestive comments. Do you know any other obvious signs that a guy is flirting with you? Do tell!


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The guy I like does all of these with me but I feel like that's just his personality. I guess I've never noticed the hands on the hips thing and the touching he does but never the kiss thing. So what do you guys think? Could it just be natural for some guys to have a flirty personality and to do most of these things? Or could he be interested?

I really hope my best friend doesn't have a crush on me, even though he does all of those things! Oh goodness

Now these days guys are usually straight forward, and will tell a girl they like them. Well at least all my guy friends do when they see a girl they like. As for me they straight tell me I'm the greatest best friend they ever had.

@Einstein If you really like this guy, he engages in this type of flirty behavior, I think he's looking for a sign from you that you are interested in him! One of you has to make a more decisive move, in my experience, a guy like the one you are describing would welcome a sign from you that you'd like to be more than friends. Yes, it is a risk for you, but there is no reason to wait for him to "make the first move." Even if things don't turn out the way you expect, you will be surprised at how empowering it will be for you to have been the more aggressive person. You will realize that you have very little to lose, and everything to gain!

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