7 Signs That You Are Compatible with Him ...


There are important signs that you are compatible with your partner that you need to pay attention to. If you want to transition from dating to being engaged or to living together, then you should figure out whether you would work as a couple for the long term. Here are some clear cut signs that you are compatible and will be able to have a healthy future together:

1. Workable Schedules

If you're working days and your partner is working nights, will you be able to find time to see each other? Your work and sleep schedules will play an important part in determining whether you'll get to spend enough time together. It's impossible to have a healthy relationship if you're never communicating. One of the signs that you are compatible and will be able to spend your lives together is that you're able and willing to find ways to make your schedules work.

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The part about the food isn't that stupid....it just makes things easier when food shopping together. And I would have a joint checking with my future husband but we will also have separate accounts....good article though! I think me and my new bf will work out
Wondering if merging of checks is a good idea, or should it just be 50 /50.
The part about the food is stupid
Me too!
Good article....wish I had seen it 10 years ago lol ;)
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