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7 Signs That Your Boyfriend Needs His Space ...

By Corina

Because a little breathing room can be the best thing for a relationship, here are a few very obvious signs that your boyfriend needs space. Relationships do require a lot of compromises in order for them to work but all that effort is not in vain, especially if the other person in the relationship is the love of your life. Relationships can be sometimes overwhelming, and that’s why it’s best to give your partner a little breathing space. Psychotherapists say that a man who needs his space will act in certain ways and sometimes, a little honest discussion about personal space and boundaries may be needed to strengthen the relationship. Here are a few clear signs that your boyfriend needs space:

1 He Stops Communicating

One of the most obvious signs that your boyfriend needs space is the fact that he stops communicating. Psychologists say that when a man needs his space, he often withdraws and that he tends to isolate himself. Apparently, this is true, especially when he is upset or stressed, according to Richard Drobnick, the author of “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus”.

2 He is Often Unavailable

If you notice that your partner seems quite unavailable lately because he has to work late or because he has other important things to take care of rather than be with you, you should consider giving him some space. Men often make excuses or they make plans with their friends and family, plans that don’t include you, when they need some personal space.


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3 They Often Criticize You

Does your boyfriend lately seem to be criticizing everything about you; your clothes, your hair or every little thing that you do? Does he undermine you in front of friends or family? If your answer is yes, then you should consider allowing him to spend some time by himself. This way, he can figure things out and he can find out why he acts or why he treats you this way.

4 He Does Not Return Calls or Texts

If your boyfriend needs some personal space, he will probably not return your calls or your texts as quickly as you're used to. Even though you may be feeling hurt, betrayed or even cheated on, most of the times, the reason why a man does not answer his phone when you call him is because he is feeling overwhelmed.

5 He Stops Making Plans

Studies show that men who feel overwhelmed and who need their space often stop making plans or they even become vague in their planning. Sometimes you just need to back off a little bit, give him some alone time and just let him figure out what he wants. In most cases, he will miss you and your relationship will even get better.

6 He is Argumentative

Does it seem like you are fighting a lot with your boyfriend lately? Is he snappy, unpleasant or irritable? When you try to find out what happened, does he always say that it’s your fault and that he didn’t do anything wrong? If that’s the case, he may feel like you are suffocating him and the best thing you can do is to just give him some space.

7 He Tells You

Does your boyfriend often tell you that he needs his space and that he wants to spend some alone time sometimes? Do you listen to him? You shouldn’t be alarmed if he tells you that, because everyone needs their space to function properly and this doesn’t mean that they don’t love you anymore.

Everyone needs space sometimes, especially people who are in close romantic relationships. Do you give your partner the space they need? Do you know any other signs that indicate that someone may need some space? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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