19 Signs That Your Relationship is Worth Saving ...


There are certain signs your relationship is worth saving even when things have gotten to be a bit bumpy. All relationships have their ups and downs but you should still be happy overall with the relationship. Ladies if you are wondering whether you should fix the problems in your relationship or whether its best to walk away, Iā€™m going to help you out. Analyze your relationship as you go through the list below of these signs your relationship is worth saving.

1. What is Your Relationship like?

There are elements in a relationship that are crucial so both people can be happy. Ask yourself if your relationship has trust, respect, loyalty, honesty and commitment. These are the building blocks that all good relationships are built on. If your relatiomship is lacking one of these elements, it spells trouble. One of the best signs that your relationship is worth saving is if you have all those fundamental elements in your relationship.



Neecey Beresford
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@Richele, You definitely can't stay in the relationship if you aren't really feeling it anymore. And he may be crushed but you don't want to stay only because of his feelings. You will end up miserable.
Hello everybody. I'm new here. Stumbled upon this site read replies and thought wow I might really fit in here.
@Myra wow, that is unbelievable!
My boyfriend bought a 50 inch flat screen for his ex and hid it from me and told me it was for his son in college.....the ex told me.... When I confronted him he said that he had no regrets and would do it again.....
@Heather Jensen Do you have any advice for what I commented above?
@Heather Jensen Please help me with my longer comment I posted
Okay Heather I have a question, Im currently in a relationship with a guy that LOVES me he would die for me but he's like obsessed. He gets way to clingy and texts me everyday all the time! And always...
My husband n I r going thru harsh times dealing with his all of a sudden child support from his baby mama (from a one night stand) years ago.. She is trying to get more money and it's hard on us and i...
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