11 Ways to Tell if He's Husband Material ...


11 Ways to Tell if He's Husband Material ...
11 Ways to Tell if He's Husband Material ...

Whether you believe in love at first site or a long-term relationship before marriage, the big question is how to tell if he’s husband material. Some say that when you know, you know, some say he needs to be able to support you, and others say happiness is key. In reality, I say all of the above. You need man that is willing to go to the moon and back, laugh with you, cry with you, support you, and love you. This is how to tell if he’s husband material.

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Always Remembers to Incorporate Your Favorite Things in Bed

He wants you to have fun. He wants you to know that he knows what pushes you over the edge. He wants to make those toes curl under the sheets. He doesn’t need a reminder; he just knows that right thing to do. He wants the experience to be as much as it is for him as it is for you. Believe me, if he’s in bed with you, he’s having fun. If he always remembers to do that one thing, that’s just one way to tell if he’s husband material.


He’s a Fair Fighter

A man who is husband material will immediately take a step back during your most intense fights and will become the voice of reason. He may even make suggestions to help subside the issue. You could be pleasantly surprised by his suggestions. Some of his suggestions may include some sort of listening exercise or even a couples therapy session. Even though most men don’t really prefer to get involved in seeing a shrink or going for therapy, he’s going for you… He’s totally marriage material.


That Feeling That You Just Know

You have that knot in your stomach; you always have butterflies when you’re with him, you just know! It may be that he’s willing to try anything for you or that he wrote you a song, but whatever it may be, you know. You know he’s the one when nothing he does bothers you and everything he does sweeps you off of your feet or makes your heart skip a beat. No matter what it may be, if you have these indescribable feelings, he’s marriage material.


Not Jealous

You may be in a relationship, but your hot looks don’t go away. If your man can accept that and understands that you are committed to the relationship, he’s husband material. He trusts you, you trust him. There has to be a mutual trust. Now that is a concept that is essential! Moving past the jealousy, your man should be reasonably easygoing and calm you down when you work yourself up. This type of attitude will bring positivity and keep the positive energy going in your relationship.


Willing to Take Risks

The risk could be taking a hot yoga class that you love or lose the bachelor life, no matter what, it could be the largest or smallest thing but it’s a risk. Marriage is all about taking risks for each other and making sacrifices for each other. A great sign that your man is marriage material is that he has chosen you over something else that matters to him. By taking a risk, he’s willing to compromise and give of himself in your relationship and marriage.


Financially Responsible

Whether it be the stress of the wedding, or a shared apartment, or future expenses, starting a life together takes money. Any man that you consider to be marriage material should have savings. He should have a plan for paying the bills. He should avoid debt and ridiculous spending. On the other hand, he should have a solid idea of his financials and where his money is going.


He’ll do What He Says He Will

You should not have to keep reminding your future hubby to do the things that have been repeatedly been said. You have to be able to count on your man especially when it comes to the bills and throwing kids into the mix. He might not be so into you if he keeps "forgetting" to do the things you have asked. If he gets what you ask done and in a timely matter, then he’s serious. He has no time for fooling around and as serious as he is about you, he is about the relationship between the two of you.



If you and your boyfriend have been one of those on again, off again couples than he's not husband material. You should be ready to spend your life with someone that is there for you, someone that is stable, and someone you never have to question. You know that he'll always be there for you and you've never doubted that you can depend on him.


He Accepts You

The best thing in a life partner is that he's accepting of everything about you. If someone tries to change you or picks on you for parts of your personality, then you shouldn't be together let alone married! If you're going to spend your life with someone, you need to know that you can always be accepted for who you are and you never have to worry about it.


You Can Be Silly Together

If you're going to be with someone, you should be able to have fun and be silly with them. Life is too short to be serious all the time! Being with someone everyday runs the risk of getting boring and monotonous so make sure that you keep if fun. Who wants to be bored for the rest of their life? Nobody!


He's Loyal

If you have ever questioned your boyfriends loyalty, then you should not marry him. Just as you want him to trust you and never question that you would be disloyal, you should trust him too. Your future husband should always be loyal to you and so if there's ever a time where he wasn't loyal to you whether he's cheating, lying, or choosing others over you - he's not husband material

Men tend to talk out of both ends, will confuse you, and will make you crazy, while all men hold these traits, only one man will fit your needs to make him marriage material. Whether it be his support, his mindful gifts, or his security, you’ll be able to know and tell what is right for you. Don’t doubt yourself, find comfort and confidence in your feelings. You will find that man that fulfills your criteria of marriage material. How are you able to tell if he’s marriage material?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lydia Sheehan.

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I agree with each point and so far so good with the man that I am involved with. He is an awesome man and wouldn't trade him for the world.

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