13 Amazing Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship ...


13 Amazing Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship ...
13 Amazing Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship ...

If you're anything like me, you've had your fair share of relationships and because of that you try to avoid any red flags, but do you know the signs you're in a healthy relationship? The green flags that should tell you to go ahead and proceed are just as important as the ones to pump the brakes! Below is the list of signs you're in a healthy relationship.

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You Can do Things Separately

You Can do Things Separately This may seem a little weird but it's true, doing things separately and not having a problem with it is a sign you're in a relationship and it's a healthy one. If you completely depend on each other to do everything, then your relationship can quickly become a little (or a lot) co-dependent. Take a step back! It’s okay for you to go out with your friends without him, and it’s okay for him to go out with his friends without you!


You Don't Put Each Other down

You Don't Put Each Other down This shouldn't be a surprise but if you're in a healthy relationship you shouldn't always feel the need to put down your significant other. That's not to say you can't make funny comments about how bad they are at ping pong but don't nit-pick and put your honey down over everything that they do!


You Trust Each Other

You Trust Each Other Trust is a big part of any relationship but it’s VERY important that you ACTUALLY trust the person that you’re with. In any relationship that you get into you’re looking for someone to spend your time (or life) with. So, you have to trust that that person isn’t going to let you down or hurt you. If you don’t trust the person you’re with, you’ll wind up having a lot of fights and feeling very insecure, the opposite of how you should feel in a healthy relationship!


You BOTH Feel Each of You is Doing Enough

You BOTH Feel Each of You is Doing Enough Feeling like you’re carrying your whole relationship by yourself and that your partner isn’t doing enough it can create a lot of friction. It’s important that both you and your partner feel like the work load (or financial load if you’re at that point) is split evenly between the two of you.


Your Relationship Works outside of the Bedroom

Your Relationship Works outside of the Bedroom In a serious relationship sex usually comes into play. But, it’s very important that sex isn’t the only thing that works in your relationship (if you want something more serious). The best way to avoid this is to make sure that both you and the person that you are with know what exactly you want and where your relationship is going.


You Don’t Rush Milestones

You Don’t Rush Milestones This one can be tough for anyone, when you feel like you love somebody you want to start a life with them and you tend to rush things a little bit. But try really hard to pump the brakes and don’t rush the milestones! If your relationship is healthy things will reach that point naturally. You don’t need to rush moving in together or getting married or having children. Let things flow more organically!


You Can Talk about Anything

You Can Talk about Anything And I do mean anything! Your significant other doesn’t always want to hear about your ex but, if you need to talk about your last relationship you should be able to. There shouldn’t be anything too taboo about you or the person you’re with to talk about.


You Inspire One Another to Be Better

You Inspire One Another to Be Better Part of being in a healthy relationship is bringing out the good in the other person. Why would you want to be with someone who puts you down or encourages you to do things that are damaging to yourself? Couples in healthy relationships aren’t jealous of one another but inspire and believe in the other person to do great things!


You Fight

You Fight Just because a couple gets into a fight doesn’t mean that it’s a sign of an unhealthy relationship. I’m not talking about a screaming match, but if the two of you are honest with one another, there will be disagreements. It’s not very realistic for two different people to agree on everything, but it is realistic to come to a compromise!


You Pick Your Battles

You Pick Your Battles Although it’s perfectly normal and healthy to fight, there is no reason that you should go around looking for a fight! Healthy couples know to pick their battles wisely. They think of the potential negative consequences before they make any negative comments or do anything impulsively.


Your Life is Better Because of Them

Your Life is Better Because of Them A sure sign that you’re part of a healthy couple is if your life is better because of them! Unfortunately, it’s completely possible to be in love with someone who doesn’t add anything to your life. Healthy couples can say that their lives are enriched in some way or ways because of their partner!


You’re Comfortable in Silence

You’re Comfortable in Silence Sometimes when we talk to people there can be awkward silences. For those who are in a healthy relationship, those silences won’t be awkward at all. They are able to sit in silence at times without feeling uncomfortable or assuming that the other person is angry with them. Healthy couples can feel close without having to verbally confirm it.


You’re Flexible with One Another

You’re Flexible with One Another Aside from death and taxes, nothing in life is certain. People who are part of a healthy couple understand that things are constantly changing like work schedules, plans, family, etc. and are flexible with these changes. Healthy relationships can recognize these things without being accusatory or overly suspicious.

Well ladies these are the signs that your relationship is a healthy one. What do you think makes a relationship healthy? Let me know down below!

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Love the way that i can agree with all of these, Nearly 5 years i have been with my hubby 4 years of marriage

Ive only been with my guy for almost 5 months knw, tomorrow will be the 5th, I feel like we are in the perfect relationship.. we both can tell eachother anything.. we have our little fights, barely at all but after tht we make up.

I love reading articles like these since that just makes me be more aware when it comes to a "healthy" relationship. Not having to settle for less. Ever!

To think after 3 years, I still would rather be with my husband in bed rather then going out clubbing.

Im in a 90% of these :)

My guy is all of this, and then some. Another thing to consider is being able to give and take criticism healthily. Also, to sacrifice healthily for each other as well, when and if there need be on the minor issues. :)

Another is being able to compromise

My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost 3 years, and he's not perfect but he's just right<3 hes not only my boyfriend he's my best friend and of course my lover. After 3 years its amazing that we kept the best friend part of our relationship alive. Heheh nothing has truly changed only how strong our love has gotten. And now I can say with confidence our relationship is stronger than ever<3

A man who showers you with little gestures that could put a smile on your face. And you know youve got the right man when you wish that other ladies would find a man who loves them like he does for you cos every woman deserves happiness. <3

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