13 Amazing Signs You're in a Healthy Relationship ...

If you're anything like me, you've had your fair share of relationships and because of that you try to avoid any red flags, but do you know the signs you're in a healthy relationship? The green flags that should tell you to go ahead and proceed are just as important as the ones to pump the brakes! Below is the list of signs you're in a healthy relationship.

1. You Can do Things Separately

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This may seem a little weird but it's true, doing things separately and not having a problem with it is a sign you're in a relationship and it's a healthy one. If you completely depend on each other to do everything, then your relationship can quickly become a little (or a lot) co-dependent. Take a step back! It’s okay for you to go out with your friends without him, and it’s okay for him to go out with his friends without you!

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