6 Signs 🚦 to Know You're in Love 😍 ...


Are you asking everyone you know how do you know if you're in love? I’m not always the best at processing or understanding my emotions, so to me, being in love has always seemed like quite an elusive concept. I wasn’t sure how I’d recognise it, but I think I’m eventually starting to figure it out. There are certain sign that can help you realise you’re in love. Here's the answer to how do you know if you're in love.

1. His Happiness is a Priority for You

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When you love someone, you realise that you want to put him first. More than anything to want to see him smile and be happy in his life, because when he's happy, you are too. You want to do everything you can to contribute to his happiness and share in it with him. If this is you, you've found the answer to how do you know if you're in love.

You Would Happily Make Sacrifices for Him


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