7 Signs You're Starting to Fall for Each Other ...


7 Signs You're Starting to Fall for Each Other ...
7 Signs You're Starting to Fall for Each Other ...

Whether you and your crush just started your relationship or haven’t admitted your feelings yet, there are clear signs you’re starting to fall for each other. Feelings can develop when you least expect them to, so you should always be on the lookout for them. You never know when your friend will turn into a whole lot more. In case you're curious, here are some signs you’re starting to fall for each other:

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Late Night, Losing Sleep

It’s two in the morning, and you have to wake up at six, but you still grab your phone whenever it lights up. You’re incredibly tired, but you don’t want the conversation to end. Sacrificing your sleep is one of the clear signs you’re starting to fall for each other. It’s easy enough to say a quick goodbye and talk in the morning, but you both refuse to do it.


Missing You

You parted an hour ago, but you’re already texting about how you miss each other. You don’t have to literally type the words, but the feeling is there. You love being around each other, and hate any time spent apart. Of course, it’s healthy to create some distance, so you do what you have to do.


Always on Your Mind

You’re out with your friends, and can’t stop mentioning his name. You’re not intentionally trying to bring him up, but it just keeps happening. Every story they tell reminds you of him. Your friends may get annoyed by your constant gushing, but you can’t help it. He’s on your mind, even when you don’t want him to be.


Newly Understood Songs

You never related to that Ed Sheeran song before, but now you understand every word. When love songs start reminding you of your situation, you know you’re in a good place. You might’ve hated those gooey lyrics before you met him, but now you’re ‘awwing’ over them. If he tells you that same song reminded him of you, then you know he’s on the same page. Might as well make it your song.


Music speaks what cannot be expressed, and suddenly, those melodies are narrating your own story. You find yourself swaying to the rhythm, with his image painting your thoughts. Perhaps you have found your own couple's anthem, a tune that wraps you both in a harmonious bubble. This isn't just about shared tastes; it's about finding common emotional ground through chords and choruses that resonate profoundly with your intertwined feelings. When your heart hums in sync with the bassline of a romantic ballad, it's clear—you're tuning into the frequency of love.


Shared Silence

When you’re able to share comfortable silence with him, and enjoy every second of it, you’re really into him. People are typically bothered by the quiet. If you can sit beside him silently without it feeling weird, then you’ve found a keeper. Not every moment will be an exciting one. Sometimes, you’ll just have to lean back, and keep your lips sealed.


Concealed Hatred

If you hate baseball, but will watch every game he plays, you clearly care about him. If he can't stand talk shows, but will watch Jimmy Fallon with you, he's really into you. Voluntarily doing something he claims he hates in order to spend more time with you means he can't get enough of you.


Personal Reminder

When life gets tough, what thoughts help you make it through the day? If those thoughts involve him, he clearly means a lot to you. You may not need him to survive, but he does make living life a whole lot easier.

If your relationship is just starting up, enjoy it! The honeymoon period is one of the best parts, so don't take it for granted. Have you found yourself doing any of the things on this list lately?

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Oh... Ok now I think I'm in love with this guy..

True but im not sure if hes serious about me coz hes 4731mi away and he gots lots of girls around him.

What if I feel this way about a guy and I've been with someone else for two and a half years

Oh my gosh. Yes. I have meet this amazing man. And after my ex it is so weird to be with a man who wants to be seen with you in public and who messages and makes me think of him when love songs play. But. Ladies. He is leaving. :( But all this is so true. Thank you so much. Xx

I am exactly like that with this guy... The only problem is he has a girlfriend

This made me smile! I've been with my boyfriend for a year & I still can't get enough of him!

I have a girlfriend of 2 years... Whom I love & she loves me, but for so long she was very badly addicted to her ps3-12 hours a day, every day & showing me little to no affection and it pushed me away cause it made me feel unloved & carried for... Because of this I started talking to another girl as friends & we ended up developing feelings for one another... On paper she is beyond a dream come true and we want to be together.. But at the same time I don't want to hurt my girl... What to do?...

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