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Learning the signs you are a rebound can be hard in the beginning! There are defintie signs that the guy you are involved with is still hung up on his ex girlfriend and you are just the rebound. So ladies, what are those signs you are a rebound? Well, that's what we're going to explore below! So, take a look below and see if any of the signs you are a rebound match your relationship!

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They Say You Look Just like Their Ex

Everyone in the world has their own unique look and even though there could be similar features, if your guy is constantly saying that you look just like his ex, it could be a sign that he's fantastizing about still being with her. So, watch out girls!


Haunting Old Places

Let's say that you've been dating a guy for a while and he keeps bringing you to all of the places that he seems really well-known at. Finally, at one of the restaurants he takes you to, he mentions that this used to be his ex's and his favorite spot. That is absolutely one of the signs you are a rebound and you should probably talk to him about it!


Brings You to Places His Ex Hangs out

So, not only does the guy of your dreams bring you to restaurants and clubs that he and his ex used to go, but he actively starts to bring you to places where his ex is going to be. This is one of the few signs you are a rebound that would make me rethink my relationship with this guy!


Has Photos of Them All over

Photos can be a tricky thing can't they? I'm sure that you've kept some of the pictures with you and your ex right? Well ladies, if you walk into his apartment and it's a shrine of pictures of him and her, that's truly a sign you are a rebound.


Only Been a Short Time since They’ve Broken up

Now, this one is also a tricky thing, because who's to say that just because they broke up a month ago, he's not over her? Just remember to be careful when you're involved with a guy that just broke up with his ex and you'll be fine.


Everything You do Reminds Him of the past

This seems to happen more often than not doesn't it? Where everything that happens seems to remind him of something that his ex did or something that they did together. If he keeps constantly saying that you the way you say something, the way that you twirl your hair or the way that you look at him reminds him of his ex, it could be a sign you are a rebound!


Talks about His Ex All the Time

This one should be a given ladies! If your guy is constantly talking about successful his ex is, how beautiful she was and how much he misses her, it might be a sign that you're just the rebound girl! Or maybe it's just a sign he's not over her yet. Either way, you should definitely talk to him about it!


He’s Still ‘in a Relationship’ on Facebook

Finally, this one might seem stupid, but I had a friend that was with a guy for over 8 months and the whole time he had himself in a relationship on FB. She eventually found out that the entire time they were in a relationship, he was seeing his ex and still living with her. Strange right? Facebook, in this day and age matters.

So ladies, are you experencing any of these signs you are a rebound right now? If you are, it might be time to rethink your relationship! Or – at the very least talk to him about it. What other signs you are a rebound girl have you ever noticed? Spill!

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Thanks! I was actually looking for something like this for my friend. I'm scared that her crush will just use her...he just broke up and is apparently "over" his ex. Hmp! We'll see about that!

I feel bad for this one chick who was in the same circumstance she was shocked to hear that her latest Bo is back with his ex. We all knew the signs that he was still hung up on her she was in complete and utter denial about it. There was no way for her to understand it because she was hung up on him. Its not easy to deal with. Now lesson learned. I hope she finds some one that is willing to focus on her. I want her to have the best because she deserves it. :)

I'm not with this guy now, and we have no hard feelings, but I discovered through facebook that I look kind of like his ex, and one time he had this summer hat lying around his parents house, that he put on my head in an affectionate way, but then kind of studied my face...I thought it was cute at the time, until I realised it was his ex's hat that he'd kept as a keepsake...total rebound (despite the fact they'd broken up over a year before). Totally not over her!

thanks ladies that's so true, but why does it always have to be like this?

I need help! I like my best friend's brother and he just told me he has a crush on me! But I need to know what to do cause firstly, he just broke up with his girlfriend like 2months ago so am I a rebound? Secondly, he told me not to tell his sister even though I did and he told me to tell them I was joking cause his sister would pressure him to be a man and do something if he likes me. What I'm confused about and need help with is, what should I do??!? Should I tell me best friend?

I recently broke up with my bf and this guy from campus has always liked me since the first day when the semester began, we want to be together but his still with his gf and he said we should take things slow so that non of us can get hurt, he promised that his still existing and he seriously wants us to be together - he needs to break it off with his gf an i want to feel like I'm the cause of the breakup hence their relationship is slacking...do I patiently wait for him? I think his the one....

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