7 Signs You Should Bring Him Home 🏡 for Thanksgiving 🍂 ...


There’re certain signs you should bring him home for Thanksgiving. If you’ve been wondering whether you should bring your boyfriend home for Thanksgiving dinner, this article is for you. It can give you some clues if it’s the right decision or not. These signs you should bring him home for Thanksgiving can help you decide if you should or shouldn’t extend the invitation.

1. It’s Semi-serious

One of the signs you should bring him home for Thanksgiving is if it’s semi-serious. You’ve been on more than a couple of dates and a relationship is a definite possibility. Of course it’s totally okay to invite him as a friend. There are no rules here. But if you want to invite him as your boyfriend, you may want to wait until you’re sure he absolutely is.

You Can Envision a Future


Leticia Raya
What if he is you ex boyfriend? A recent ex. But boyfriend of two years and almost feels like the relationship will keep going after the break up.
Idk maybe I'm a serial dater but it seems like too many bfs have come over for holiday dinners. Don't do it just because do it only if you're serious enough.
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