15 Signs You Shouldn't Marry Him That You Simply Shouldn't Ignore ...


If you are considering marriage, you need to be sure that there are no signs you shouldn’t marry him in the picture. Marriage is a huge commitment and should be for a lifetime. If the guy you are considering linking your life up with has any of the signs you shouldn’t marry him as discussed here, you need to carefully reconsider not only marrying them but dating them.

1. They Have Been Unfaithful

One of the top signs you shouldn’t marry him is if he has been unfaithful to you. If someone cannot remain faithful to you throughout the time period that you are dating, it is very probable they will not remain faithful throughout a lifelong marriage. The bare minimum you should be able to expect from your husband is his faithfulness. That is not an extra benefit in a good marriage. It is expected.

They Have an Alcohol or Drug Problem


@mahli defensive? You shouldn't make assumptions/judges about others' motives. Actually I am a PhD in psychology and understand that there are more causes for behaviour similar to those listed here th...
This post started out fairly normal and then really shocked me about the differing faiths one. If two people love each other, their faith should not matter if they're willing to put aside that differe...
Mesha Burzynski
@Kimberly Layne, Yes. Are you able to get the marriage annulled? Those are beyond scary odds, it is prophetic. That sounds kind of harsh. Sorry Honey, but it sounds like you already know what I've sai...
@jbrytni, thanks. Good to see other people out there are doing the same thing. Firstly I don't think any thing I say is going to make a difference Hun,if I say what you want to hear then you'll think ...
Kimberly Layne
5 out of 7 and we're already married...bad sign?
Obviously if he has a mental or physical disability its understandable... Sounds to me like someone is getting defensive.. I think the list is honestly true.. Maybe not for everyone.. But i do agree w...
I like this list because I've had to deal with all of this in a man before and it is not comfortable at all to live this way we had a baby and I worked my whole pregnancy in pain and he wasn'it bringi...
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