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Sure he’s handsome and you feel butterflies whenever you’re together, but are there signs your crush would make a good boyfriend? Perhaps he looks great on paper, but for some reason he always seems to shy away around your friends. Believe it or not, there are ways to tell whether your current squeeze could turn into relationship material. Here are 12 signs your crush would make a good boyfriend to look for in the first few weeks of dating.

1. He’s the Silent Partner

Let me fill you in on a little secret, from someone who has been there; there are usually two types of guys in each group… the smooth operators and the silent partners. Trust me, 9 out of 10 times, the silent partner makes the better boyfriend. The smooth operator is usually the ringer (i.e. the guy who gets all the girls with his smooth talk and rambunctious personality), and while they might seem like they’re more fun, they are also total players for the most part. Let’s face it, they’re great at flirting and are likely that way with every girl they meet. The silent partner, on the other hand, usually waits for his friend to bring the girls in, decides if he is interested, and takes his time in asking you out. He’s more reserved and probably doesn’t date as much, but when he finds the right girl, his personality warms up and he usually isn’t interested in dating around, making him an ideal candidate for a relationship.

He Goes out of His Way to See You


Katie Dalton
How can you tell if a guy is playing games with you? Like if he's just a flirt or if he means it?
Heather Jensen
Hi! I think that you should maybe start out small by flirting with him via your body language. Smiling, tilting toward him and even waving can all be signs that you are approachable!
Heather Jensen
I think that he is totally flirting with you! :) I'd flirt back and see what happens -- after a while, maybe you should see if he wants to hang out casually!
Well first u have to have a crush;)
One key to finding a good man is look at his actions. Does he walk his talk and when he says he is going to do something does he follow through. A real man will do both because he understands what aut...
This article was really helpful, the advice was spot on :)
@Macy sure does sound like he likes you. But before you do anything make sure he doesn't treat ever girl like that or the other girls that he is friends with. If he does it to only you then you have your answer. Some guys are just really big flirts.
Okay again I really need some advice I'm a freshman and there's a guy I really like... He's nice and always jokes around with me and playfully teases me, when I see him in the hall he smiles at me an...
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