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8 Signs Your Girlfriend is Too Controlling ...

By Heather

There are a lot of posts that revolve around a boy being too controlling, but what signs your girlfriend is controlling should you be watching out for? Do you know? Take a look at my top 8 signs your girlfriend is controlling to find out if maybe, your girlfriend's control issues might be part of the problem of your relationship! Girls can get possessive, guys, so take a look below!

1 She Schedules Your Time

There are some top signs your girlfriend is controlling that you've got to watch out for and when your girl starts to schedule your time for you, without even looping you in, you should be nervous! Does your girlfriend constantly just tuck little plans into your schedule without letting you know? It's a sign, guys.

2 Always Has to Be Right

Another sign that your girlfriend is way too controlling is the fact that she always, always has to be right. It takes away your opinion! Even if you happen to know a lot about the subject (and it doesn't matter WHAT subject it is!), she constantly has to be right about it. Even if she's completely wrong.

3 Comments on How You Spend Your Money

You know all of those little jabs that she makes about how you spend your hard-earned money? That's a sign that she is manipulating you. It's also a sign that she is trying to control exactly how you spend your money. This is a sign of being too controlling – who knows what will happen if she gets hold of your credit card!

4 Demands All the Attention

When I say all of the attention, I mean, all of your attention. I know that it's hard to believe, but there are girls out there that want to really control every bit of attention that you have. Whether you are visiting with your friends or you are seeing your family, she'll get upset by it.

5 Sketches out Your Career

How about your career? Have you found your niche yet? If you have, do you have a five year plan? Well, she has one sketched out for you and truthfully, it might not be the one that you were going to follow. If your girlfriend has a five, ten or fifteen year plan for you – get scared.

6 Constant Phone Calls

How about when you do finally get away from your girlfriend and all of her demanding and are spending time with your friends and family – how does she act? Does she constantly call you? Does she constantly feel like she needs to be the center of everything you are doing?

7 Demands You by Her Side Always

While her demanding that you give her all of the attention might be enough, what about her demands for you to be at her side? Even if you are, say, at a holiday party for her company, she demands that your arm is around her and that you are glued to her side, always.

8 Too Clingy in Public

Finally, when you two are in public, is there a constant arm around you, a constant need for deep-throating kisses and a need to be touching? It's because she wants everyone to know that you are taken. She wants everyone to know that she is with someone.

Being with a controlling boyfriend is a lot, but us girls can get controlling too. Guys, if your girlfriend is too controlling, give it up in the comments and share your experience!

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