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8 Signs You Are Leading Him on ...

By Heather

We've all been in a situation where we led someone on, but if you watch out for signs you're leading him on, it might be easier to stop. Leading someone on is never a good thing, especially if you know you are leading them on. There are a lot of signs you're leading him on to watch out for, girls, so make sure that you are careful!

1 Unknowing Flirting

Sometimes, flirting and being super flirtatious is one of the signs you're leading him on that you might not even know about! Flirting can be anything from flashing a toothy smile all the way to touching him a little bit. If you know that he has feelings for you and you don't feel the same, you might want to cut the flirting out.

2 Being Too Nice

Are you constantly nice to him? I don't mean just regular nice, but do you go out of your way to be nice to him but you feel that it is just being friendly? That could be a sign that you're leading him on to think that you really like him. Recognize exactly how nice that you should be and stay within those limits if you aren't feeling the same way.

3 Drunk Make out Sessions

Oh, this is a big one. Just because you are drunk, doesn't mean that you need to make out with the guy that you don't like that way. This can send a bunch of mixed signals to him and he can actually really think that you like him like that. Trust me on this one, this is the #1 sign that you're just leading him on.

4 Showing Favoritism

Let's say that you are in a group of friends, but you are showing him all of the attention and even sitting very close to him. This is another sign that you could be leading him on. Don't show favoritism among your friends, they should all be treated exactly the same!

5 Being Open about Your Relationship

Now, this one can be a little tricky. Because he might be your friend, you can talk to him about your relationship, but do you over share about a lot of the problems that you have in your relationship? Do you constantly complain about your boyfriend and constantly compare him to your friend?

6 Being Too Touchy-Feely

This goes hand-in-hand with being too flirty. If you are constantly touching him and constantly feeling him – even going as far as sitting in his lap, he could think that you really like him. Lay off the touchy and feely things, girls, especially if you have a boyfriend!

7 You Let Them Buy You Things

How about him buying you things or even taking you out? Does he do that often? That's definitely something that could make you want to lead him on, but it isn't right. If he is constantly buying you things because you don't have the money or because he just likes you – maybe you should turn him down once in a while.

8 Depend Too Much

Finally, if you are constantly depending on your 'friend' to do everything. He was there to help you move, he was there to help you clean up, he was there to drive you home when you were drunk – these are things that can make a great friend, but it can also send mix signals on your part, if you are constantly depending on him.

So girls, have you ever led someone on? Did you mean to do it? It's all about the signals, girls, you've got to watch that. I know that I've led quite a few people on and I didn't even know that I did it! Now that you know, remember that it can be hurtful! Has a guy ever done any of these things to you?

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