8 Signs You Are Leading Him on ...


We've all been in a situation where we led someone on, but if you watch out for signs you're leading him on, it might be easier to stop. Leading someone on is never a good thing, especially if you know you are leading them on. There are a lot of signs you're leading him on to watch out for, girls, so make sure that you are careful!

1. Unknowing Flirting

Sometimes, flirting and being super flirtatious is one of the signs you're leading him on that you might not even know about! Flirting can be anything from flashing a toothy smile all the way to touching him a little bit. If you know that he has feelings for you and you don't feel the same, you might want to cut the flirting out.

Being Too Nice


Tracy Harkness
In the old days, there was a boy who did this to me...
ay8 r9[at50b [aq3t54[0
right my friends says i leading him on which i dont i told him i dont want to go out with him coz him my ex best mate but he keeps on says really sweet things n i just say aww thanks or ur just made ...
Heather Jensen
Hi! Sometimes it happens -- those drunk makeup sessions. :)
Heather Jensen
Awesome! Thank you for that! :)
Lisa Scholl
Going to share this on twitter!
Alaina Bork
@Camila Lopez I agree lol!!! I did this to a friend of mine without realizing it and then it just got ugly when I started dating my now-husband. I feel horrible about it and wish I saw what I was doing when I was doing it.
Camila Lopez
When I saw #3, my thoughts: "Boy, that escalated quickly."
Bobbie-Lee F.
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
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