7 Signs Your past Relationship is Holding You Back ...


We all have past relationships, but did you know that there are actually signs your past relationship is holding you back that you should watch out for? Past relationships can hold you back from a lot, if you don't know exactly what to watch out for. They can hold you back from enjoying your current relationship, from enjoying your current boyfriend/girlfriend or even holding a current relationship steady. If you think that you might have some signs your past relationship is holding you back, but don't know what to look for, take a look below!

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Constantly Comparing

Do you think that you are constantly comparing your currently partner to your ex? To be honest, this is definitely one of the signs your past relationship is holding you back. Your current relationship should never, ever be compared to what you had in the past. How can it? It is something new, something fresh and with someone new!


You Don't Put in the Effort in Your Current Relationship

How about the effort that you put into your current relationship? Does it compare to the effort that you put into the last relationship? This is huge. If you aren't giving yourself 100% to the current relationship, there has got to be a reason why. In any relationship, you want to give yourself completely to it.


You Resist Moving on

Or, are you the opposite, have you moved on at all? Do you resist even trying to find someone that might work for you? Is it because you are still consumed in your past relationship? This is a sticking point for a lot of people. They believe that they will never, ever find love again or that their last relationship was ideal – and that they won't find a relationship to compare to that.


Your Thoughts Are Consumed by Your Ex

Ah, this is one surefire sign that you are letting your past rule you. If your thoughts are totally consumed by your ex and the relationship that you had with him or her, this is another sign that you are dwelling and that your past relationship might be holding you back from enjoying something real in a new relationship.


You Think about Your Ex during Sex

How about sex? Do your thoughts constantly go to your ex during sex? This is bad. This means that you aren't completely committed to your current boyfriend or girlfriend and that you are consumed with your ex. Remember, you want to put in the effort in your current relationship, not let the past rule you.


You Judge Behaviors of Your Current Boyfriends by Your Ex

This is actually something that I do a lot in my current relationship – I let my past judge what I see in the future. This doesn't put you in a great light, in fact, it is very unfair to the person that you are in a relationship with. You don't ever want them to feel like they are constantly being compared. It can cause friction and a lot of problems.


You Don't Forget the past

Finally, if you just can't forget the past for anything, it's a sign that you are still obsessed with your past relationship. Remember, the past is the past and you've got to learn from it and you've got to move on. If you are in a current relationship, you've got to put forth effort.

As you can see, it's not all that easy to just forget about your past relationships, but it can be done. So, have you ever let your past relationships rule you? What'd you do about it?

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My Boyfriend Has Showed Some Of These Signs So Do I Talk To Him Or Let Him Deal With Getting Over It His Self

I have let my past relationships rule me and I messed up what could've been a really good relationship . My advice is LET GO of all ex's before you miss out on something better.

This can so kill the relationship so fast! It's important to know when you are with someone that can't let go of his or her past. We need time between relationships to learn and be stronger as individual

Ireally wish it was that easy totally Im totally obssesed with to the the past and its deft holding me back

I am totally caught up in my past relationship! I really really want to move on.. The guy I am currently with is amazing! and he really loves me but... Idk how to forget the past and all..Could you please tell me how to?

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