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7 Signs You Should End an Online Relationship ...

By Merarri

Sometimes it’s difficult to face the signs you should end an online relationship. Saying goodbye to an online relationship that you invested your heart and soul into can be just as emotionally devastating as ending a physical relationship. Breaking up with any guy that you care about always hurts. Ladies, I’m going to share with you the signs you should end an online relationship.

1 He Doesn’t Come Online

There are many things that can keep your online boyfriend away from his computer, such as work, school or stress. One of the signs you should end an online relationship is if he stops caring about your feelings. A guy that is crazy about his girl will try to meet her online communication needs because he wouldn’t want to jeopardize the relationship. If your online boyfriend is ignoring your feelings, it's time to log off permanently in this relationship.

2 No More Quality Time

Most online couples have certain games that they play together that are the equivalent of physical dates. This time is precious to a relationship because it helps you stay emotionally attached to each other. If he doesn’t want to play games that you previously enjoyed together, he’s lost interest in the relationship. It’s obvious he is on his way out of this relationship if he is distancing himself from you.


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3 New Girls Have His Attention

If he always focused his sole attention on you when you hung out online but now it seems like other girls are taking priority, end it. If this online guy actually was in love, you wouldn’t feel like you were fighting for his attention. One day after your heart has healed from the breakup, a guy will shower you with plenty of attention and it won’t be a chore to him. Let him go and make room for a guy that recognizes what an awesome girl you are.

4 Problems Don’t Matter

Another common sign that indicates a breakup is ahead is if your online boyfriend doesn’t want to work out issues in the relationship. A guy that loves his girl would want to fix issues that spring up in their relationship so the relationship thrives and becomes stronger. If your guy doesn’t want to discuss relationship problems, walk away from your computer. You don’t deserve to be in a relationship that has problems without a fix in sight.

5 Conversation Has Come to a Halt

When a breakup is imminent, the long conversations on the phone or on messenger transform into awkward one or two sentences. Conversation usually flows easily when a couple is right for each other. Your online boyfriend may seem bored or participate little in the conversation when he has one foot out the door of the relationship. This is not the guy for you if it feels like the conversation is forced.

6 Cheating

When a couple isn’t in close proximity to each other, temptations to cheat with other people can occur. Once either one of you has betrayed the relationship in that way, it’s a sign that you seriously need to consider leaving each other. A long distance relationship is emotionally brutal because your physical needs can’t be met as often as you like, if at all, but when you welcome a third person into the relationship, you create devastation that is almost impossible to repair.

7 He Has No Trust in You

Trust is basically the foundation of any good relationship. If your online guy is constantly lashing out at you because he suspects you are cheating and you aren’t, he’s not the one. A guy that doesn’t trust his woman is insecure and deep down inside doesn’t feel that he is worthy of love. Trust me, it will get so exhausting trying to reassure an insecure guy that you love him and only him. Give him up to repair his own issues because you can’t fix him no matter how hard you try.

These were just a few important reasons you should end an online relationship. Trust the inner voice inside of you that tells you it's time to permanently erase this guy from your computer and your life. Do you have any other signs that tell you it's time to let go of an online boyfriend?

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