7 Signs Your Man is Going to Propose ...


7 Signs Your Man is Going to Propose ...
7 Signs Your Man is Going to Propose ...

When you're in a relationship for a few years you start to wonder when he'll propose and if he'll propose. You don't want to push him away, but you want him to know you are thinking about taking your relationship to the next step, so how can you do that without scaring him? Guest blogger Nan from EatBreatheBlog is back with us today to share 7 Signs Your Man is Going to Propose...

After six months or one year of dating, you might feel compelled to drop a few marriage and proposal hints. You might conveniently keep your television on WE or Oxygen and trick your man into watching one of countless wedding reality shows. But in all honesty, your boyfriend isn’t going to propose until he’s good and ready.

There’s nothing wrong with having “the talk” and dropping the occasional hint. But if your man doesn’t seem interested in proposing -- or in getting married for that matter -- forceful, relentless hints can push him away.

This isn’t to say that he will never propose. Many men desire a committed relationship -- and contrary to what you may hear or read, some men want the fairy tale ending.

So, how do you know if your boyfriend is going to propose?

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Re-decorates His Pad...

If his former bachelor pad slowly transforms into a place suited for a mature adult, he might have a wife and family on the brain. Be especially suspicious if he starts watching HGTV or wants you to go furniture shopping with him. This shows that he values your decorating opinion and he’s looking to make his pad girlfriend or wife-approved.


Limits Big Purchases...

Pay attention to your boyfriend’s spending habits. As an unmarried man, he’s likely accustomed to shopping whenever he wants and taking last minute trips with his friends. But if you notice a slowdown in the amount of electronics that he buys, or if he constantly talks about saving money, he might actually be planning and saving for a ring.

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Missing Jewelry...

Did you misplace your favorite ring? Did it mysteriously appear after much searching? Don’t make a big deal out of the ring’s vanishing act. There’s a good chance that your man is looking at engagement rings and swiped the ring to determine your ring size.

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Begins to Take an Interest in Weddings...

Convincing some guys to get dolled up for a wedding is often challenging. Be suspicious if he’s suddenly excited about attending weddings. And be very suspicious if he takes part in the wedding gift selection process. These are signs of wedding fever and a proposal is likely to follow.

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Uses Couple Language...

“Me” or “I” is the main vocabulary word of men who are perfectly happy with the dating life. But if his “me” and “I” sentences are being replaced with “we,” “our” and “us,” the relationship and unit has become a top-priority.

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He Seems Extra Nervous...

Some men act somewhat discombobulated right before a marriage proposal. If he continues to shower you with love and attention, but seems a bit distracted and quieter than normal, he might be getting his mind ready for a proposal. Of course, you’ll need to consider whether he’s having problems in other areas of his life. Anxiety and quietness might have nothing to do with a proposal. It could be his response to issues at work or with friends.


Men may also exhibit other signs of pre-proposal nervousness such as fidgeting, speaking quickly, or sweating. These signs are often caused by a combination of excitement and anxiety, and are common indicators that a proposal may be on the way. Additionally, some men may be more likely to propose in certain locations or during special occasions such as anniversaries, holidays, or birthdays. If he is planning a surprise trip or special event, it may be a sign that he is planning to pop the question.

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He Hangs out with Your Dad...

If your boyfriend never hangs out with your dad alone, but he now wants his number to play golf or get a drink after work, this could be your boyfriend’s clever way of getting your father alone to express his interest in popping the question.

About the Author:
Nan Gibbons is a licensed nutritionist and personal trainer who owns her own fitness company in Southern California. Her proudest accomplishment is being the single mom to her three-year-old son, Reid. In their free time, Reid and Nan enjoy spending time at the beach, playing with their lab mix Cody, and embarking on new cooking and fitness adventures! You can find out more on twitter (@healthnut2011) or read her lifestyle blog EatBreatheBlog.

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