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13 Sure-Fire Signs He Wants a Serious Relationship ...

By Heather

There are tons of signs he wants a relationship that is serious, but they may be hard to spot. Don't worry ladies, I've got the top 13 ways you're going to be able to tell that he's ready for a relationship. These signs he wants a relationship can be anything from him being nice to your friends all the way to him bringing up being exclusive. So, let's explore the top 13 signs he wants a relationship right now with you!

1 Nice to Your Friends

Remember when I said that one of the signs he wants a relationship could be that he is nice to your friends? Well ladies, that is actually number one! Not only is he nice, but he actually cares about when one of your friends is upset. A guy knows that girls stick together, so he knows that if he is in good with your friends, he is in good with you!

2 Prompt

Now, I am late for pretty much everything, but a date is not something I'd ever be late for. If your guy is constantly showing up on time and is actually super excited about every activity that you two do together, it's one sign he wants a relationship!

3 Listens to You

It Is true that a lot of men actually have pretty selective hearing, however, if the guy that you are into is hanging on your every word, it is definitely a sign he wants a relationship! Not only is he taking an interest in you, but he's actually listen to every single want and need that you have.

4 You've Met His Friends

Most guys do not bring a girl around his friends unless he is serious about her. He also doesn't want to clutter up his friends time with a girl he doesn't really like. So ladies, if you've met his friends, it's definitely one of the signs he wants a relationship with you!

5 He Brings up Being Exclusive

Oh, the exclusive word. It can be scary if you aren't ready for it, but if he brings up not wanting to date anyone else, it is definitely one of the signs that he is super serious about you! After all, if he doesn't want to date anyone else, you are more than enough for him!

6 Takes an Interest in Your Interests

Most guys do this in the beginning but if you've been dating a guy for a while and you see that he is actually actively taking an interest in everything that you like, it could definitely be one of the signs he is into you and wants a relationship! He is actively searching out things for the two of you to do, that is so sweet!

7 Gives You a Key

A guy won't give a girl a key to his apartment if he isn't really serious about her. If your guy has slipped you a key, it's probably because he wants you to take advantage of it and use it. This is a very good sign!

8 Calls for No Reason

When you are dealing guys, they don't typically call for no reason at all. If your guy is constantly calling you for no reason at all, it's probably because he is serious about you and really likes you!

9 He Takes You to Meet the Family

This is a big one, girls. If he takes you to his family, it's because he wants them to know how much he cares about you. He's committed to the relationship and being with you long-term! He wants all his loved ones to know that you're his special lady! This is definitely a good sign.

10 He Values Your Opinion

For some reasons, guys are quick to shy away from their feelings. So, if he goes to you whenever he's dealing with something, it's proof that he trusts you wholeheartedly. He values your opinion on how he should handle certain situations because he knows you have his best interest at heart. He feels comfortable being vulnerable with you and that's because he wants you to know every side of him, meaning he's definitely ready for a relationship with you!

11 He Talks Marriage

Now, I'm not saying that a marriage proposal is the only way to know whether or not something's serious but if he talks about marriage being one of his long-term goals, that's a good sign. It means marriage and family is a priority for him. He sees you in his future and that's very important.

12 He's a Man of Action

He knows that actions speak louder than words and he tries his best to never let you down. If he says he'll drop by later, he does. If he says he'll call you in an hour, he does. He doesn't play mind games with you and that's a good sign because that means he's honest and committed.

13 He Makes You a Priority

One of the most sure-fire signs that he wants a serious relationship with you is when he makes you a priority in his life. That doesn't just mean he makes time for you, it means he cares about every aspect of your well-being. He's protective of you and wants you to be happy. You can bet that he's going to be a great boyfriend!

As you can see ladies, there are tons of different signs he is ready for a relationship, you just have to watch out for them. If you are in a relationship with a guy and it's starting to get serious, what are some of the signs he is ready for a relationship that you look out for? Any tips to share?

This article was written in collaboration with editor Vanessa Salles.

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