5 Strong Signs You're Not Ready to Move in Together ...


5 Strong Signs You're Not Ready to Move in Together ...
5 Strong Signs You're Not Ready to Move in Together ...

How do you know the signs you're not ready to move in together? Moving in is a big step in every relationship, which is why you need to make sure that it’s something you both really want. If one of you is on the fence about it, then you should definitely hold off until you both make a decision. It might seem like a great idea to live with your boyfriend, as you’ll get to see each other more often, but it could be moving too fast. Here are just a few signs you’re not ready to move in together.

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It Feels like It’s Too Soon

black, black and white, film, photography, monochrome photography, One of the key signs you're not ready to move in together is it just feels like it's too soon. If you’ve only been dating a few weeks, then chances are, you’re not ready to make a big commitment like moving in together. It’s not a decision that can be taken lightly. You both need to be 100 percent comfortable around each other, before you start sharing the same space.


It’s on and off

eyewear, human hair color, girl, vision care, glasses, Lately, your relationship is becoming like Ross' and Rachel’s from Friends. Sure it worked out for them, but it doesn’t mean that everything will work out with you. Real life is nothing like a TV show. So, if you’re always breaking up and getting back together, then you need to hold off on moving in for a while. You should make sure your relationship is a healthy and stable one before you make any big decisions.


You’ve Never Had a Vacation

sky, horizon, shore, sunset, sunrise, Going on vacation with your boyfriend is the ultimate test in deciding whether you could ever imagine yourself living together. After all, you never really know someone until you live with them. So if you haven’t been on at least one vacation with him, then you definitely shouldn’t be making any plans to move in yet.


You’re Not Financially Stable

shoulder, chin, neck, arm, hand, Needless to say, if either of you is broke, then it’s not happening. It’s not fair to depend on your partner for money, and it’s not fair for them to depend on you. It has to be equal, and that includes sharing the costs of living. If one of you simply can’t afford it, then you should postpone moving in together until you’ve got your finances in order.


It’s Not Serious

glasses, vision care, eyewear, girl, cool, In the “honeymoon phase” it might seem like moving in together would be a dream. In your head, you think it will mean you get to spend more time with your boyfriend, but that’s not always the case. You have to consider that you both have jobs, and other responsibilities that might stop you from seeing each other as much as you would like.

Living together isn’t a quick fix to any relationship problem you are having either. If, after a dating for awhile, you both feel like it’s something that you want, then you should start making plans to move in. Until then, don’t make any quick decisions that you could end up regretting!

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